Password CSV Importer and Exporter

Password Suite extension allows you to import hundreds of password from an uploaded CSV file. It will add passwords with basic information, including password type, usage limit, and password expiry.

In this article, we will show you how to import and export passwords to and from your website using Password Suite.


Import Passwords

Create CSV file

In order to import passwords, you need a CSV file containing your password information:

  • password (required): unique, no space, case-sensitive and limited to 100 characters
  • post_id (required): which post will be protected by these passwords
  • type (required)
    • Auto: everyone can use this password.
    • Role_x (e.g. Role_administrator, Role_editor, etc): only specific user roles can use this password.
  • label: extra information for your password, e.g. what it is used for
  • is_activated
    • 1 if this password is active
    • 0 if this password is inactive
  • expired_date: the number of days after imported this password will expire
  • usage_limit: the maximum number of times this password is used

Please note that passwords that have the wrong format, duplicate with existing passwords or miss required information (password, post_id, type) will be skipped during the import process.


After activating our plugins, navigate to Password Protect WordPress >> Import & Export sub-menu from your admin dashboard.

Select your CVS file from your local and simply click on “Start Import” button to add passwords to your protected content.


You can also export all created passwords and store them in CSV format.

Under Import & Export Password dashboard, switch to Export tab and select which passwords you want to export. Simply click on “Export” button, you will be prompted to store the generated CSV in your local.

Lasted updated on April 1, 2020