Compare built-in WordPress Password Protection and PPWP plugin

While WordPress comes with password protection, the built-in feature is rather limited.

So what are the differences between the default WordPress function and Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) plugin? What PPWP plugin has to offer?

Let’s explore the key differences though the comparison table below:

 Built-in Wordpress functionPassword Protect WordPress (PPWP)
How it works
Store password in browser cookieOne cookieMultiple cookies
Customize cookie expiration time
Unlock multiple content using the same password- Master passwords
- Group Protection
Unlock multiple pages using different passwords at the same time
Define Whitelisted Roles Allow specific user roles to access protected content without entering passwordPro version
Number of passwords per pageOneUnlimited
Expiring passwordsPro version
Passwords based on user rolesOne password per role
Passwords based on levelsAccess Levels extension
Use bypass URLs instead of passwordsPro version
Password Protection
Password protect custom post typesPro version
Password protect whole category at oncePro version
Auto-password protect children pagesPro version
Password protect entire site
Password protect part of content
Auto password protect new contentAccess Levels extension
Protected Visibility
Hide password protected content
Prevent protected content from being indexedPro version
Customize password form
Track password usagesStatistics extension
Create central login pageSuite extension
Protect embedded filesPDA Gold