Version 1.3.9: Jan 12, 2022

– [Feature] List all Quick Access Links that a logged-in user clicked on (PPWP Statistics is required)
– [Improvement] Display license information under “License” tab
– [Improvement] Allow using Master passwords to unlock Section Protection
– [Improvement] Whitelist custom user roles access to Partial Content Protection

Version 1.3.8: Sep 17, 2021

– [Feature] List quick access links users have based on username
– [Improvement] Protect category page with the “Category Protection”
– [Improvement] Provide an option to get passwords in batches per post
– [FIX] Do not increase count when using quick access link on the post already unlocked

Version 1.3.7: July 22, 2021

– [Feature] Unlock partial content protection by Master passwords
– [Improvement] Provide a API to generate sitewide password automatically

Version 1.3.6: June 2, 2021

– [Feature] Allow wildcard for individual passwords
– [Feature] Add the “Remember me” checkbox to sitewide password form
– [Improvement] Allow changing product types when inputting a new license key
– [Improvement] Allow removing password expiry date
– [Improvement] Modify user permission to access plugin’s Settings page

Version 1.3.5: Apr 5, 2021

  • [Feature] Synchronize passwords for password protected posts – WPML
  • [Improvement] Delete all passwords in a single page
  • [Improvement] Apply session cookies for sitewide password form
  • [Improvement] Apply reCAPTCHA integration for sitewide password form
  • [Improvement] Allow updating expired license
  • [FIX] Allow sorting PCP passwords based on ID

 Version 1.3.4: Mar 10, 2021

  • [Improvement] Apply hook to redirect users to a specific page instead of showing the sitewide password form
  • [Improvement] Apply hook to replace robots meta tag in the protected homepage to allow search engines indexing
  • [Improvement] Add pot file to translate sitewide password form
  • [Conflict] Can’t save PPWP Pro settings page when using WPML
  • [FIX] Handle potential jQuery issues in WordPress 5.6
  • [FIX] Display wrong maximum cookie expiration time

 Version Dec 24, 2020

– [FIX] Handling potential jQuery issues in WordPress 5.6

Version 1.3.3: Nov 09, 2020

– [Improvement] Check valid PCP passwords

– [Improvement] Improve performance parent-child page only get on one page with current limit

– [FIX] The menu order displays wrong in Pro version

– [FIX] Remove default color in input sitewide password form

– [FIX] Protect private pages – use search method

– [FIX] Exclude pages from sitewide protection – use search method

 Version 1.3.2: Oct 08, 2020

– [FIX] Can’t unlock sitewide protection from the search page

– [FIX] Performance issue when loading hundreds of pages

– [FIX] Get WP_Customize_Section fatal error when activating the plugin

– [Feature] Delete multiple PCP passwords at once

Version 1.3.1: Aug 19, 2020

– [Feature] Access links to bypass partial protected content

– [Improvement] Error message on admin_notice

– [Improvement] Keep google tracking parameters on Quick Access Link

– [FIX] PHP Notice: register_rest_route with WordPress 5.5

 Version June 23, 2020

– [Improvement] Should cache the result of function get_password_by_post_id of class PPW_Pro_Repository

– [Improvement] Apply hook to handle tabs in sitewide submenu

– [Improvement] Apply hook to handle info when updating password

– [Improvement] Show WooCommerce / GravityForms type if extensions are deactivated

– [Improvement] PPWP Pro: Improve password’s cookie checking

– [Feature] Allow customizing description below form – Custom Single Form

– [Feature] Allow customizing description below form – Custom Sitewide Form

– [Feature] ppwp shortcode – add {hidden_form_text} attribute to hide password form

– [Feature] provide a shortcode that log clears current page’s cookies

 Version 1.3.0: May 20, 2020

– [Feature] Allow selecting PCP passwords with page builders

– [Feature] Show template content when enables “Show Content” option

– [Feature] Exclude shop page from sitewide protection

– [Feature] Option to display content in feed (Sitewide, Individual)

– [Improvement] Fire hooks in bypass URL logic

– [Feature] Allow users to enter multiple PCP passwords

– [Improvement] Add sitewide sub-menu

– [Improvement] Allow users to search & sort PCP password labels

– [Improvement] Add documentation link into popup of WooCommerce shop page

– [Improvement] Improve customizer and CSS load for sitewide and sitewide shortcode

– [Improvement] Remove query parameter on URL when entering wrong sitewide Password

– [Improvement] Should check sitewide is enable first

– [Improvement] Improve customizer function

Version 1.2.2: April 28, 2020

– [Improvement] Implement the message service that extensions can re-use

– [Improvement] Improve the way to display tabs under settings page

– [Improvement] Allow users to select a specific expiry date instead of setting a number of days after that the password will expire

– [Feature] Allow searching “label” field under password popup

– [Feature] Setting option that allows shortcode global passwords to unlock parts of multiple pages at once

– [BugFix] Add inline <style></style for sitewide shortcode

– [BugFix] Cannot use “show the password” in ppwp_sitewide shortcode

– [BugFix] Duplicated assets when loading entire side form

– [BugFix] Sub-pages still show up on sitemap when the parent is protected

– [BugFix] Redirect URL not working with sitewide shortcode

Version 1.2.1: March 31, 2020

– [Improvement] Upgrade text in plugin

– [Improvement] Apply hook to share sitewide function

– [BugFix] “Show password” button of ppwp-swf shortcode doesn’t work

– [Improvement] Restrict 3-site & 10-site license from being installed in multisite mode

Version 1.2.0: March 19, 2020

– [Feature] Customize Login/Entire Site Password Form with WP Customizer

– [Feature] Generate a shortcode for sitewide password form

– [Feature] Exclude entire post types from sitewide protection

– [Feature] Create basic public APIs for users

– [Improvement] Display Email Marketing type for password

– [BugFix] Integrate with PDA Gold – doesn’t work with scaled images

– [BugFix] Integrate with PDA Gold – Whitelisted roles can’t see files without FAP

Version 1.1.6: February 11, 2020

– [Improvement] Add hook to track password entire site

– [Feature] Handle private links created by PDA Gold within a session vs using download_limit  1

– [Improvement] Extent feature “Protected Content Visibility” from Free version

– [BugFix] Not work with caching

– [Feature] PCP shortcode – Add pwd attribute to select passwords from settings

– [BugFix] Miss p4v8 folder

– [BugFix] Conflict with PPWP because of using template_reditect

– [Improvement] Integrate with PDA Gold not work when using master password

– [Feature] Manage PCP Shortcode passwords under settings page

– [Feature] Remove page builders text under Shortcode tab to avoid duplicate with Free version

– [Improvement] Allow users to translate ppwp login form

– [Improvement] Add hook that helps to track the PCP passwords data

Version December 26, 2019

– [Improvement] Create a sidebar for Pro

– [Feature] Add hook to get function (Elementor) from Free

– [Feature] Add hook to get function (Beaver Builder) from Free

– [Feature] Master passwords Extends hook for post-types

– [Improvement] Select which columns to display on the popup

– [Feature] Add “Password Protect” button link under post title

– [Dev] Update plugin-update-checker to 4.8

– [Improvement] Hide password protected content – show content with whitelisted roles

– [BugFix] Fix title when enabling entire site & update ppwp

– [BugFix] Conflict UI with Admin Columns Pro

– [Improvement] Add description for Customizer under Password Form section

– [Feature] Display password protection column with Publish status only

Version December 3, 2019

– [BugFix] Whitelisted Roles in Elementor block doesn’t work

– [Improvement] Improve the hook ppwp_post_password_required that works with extensions PPWP Access Levels and PPWP Group Protection

– [Improvement] Change password status and apply new logic for expired passwords

Version 1.1.5: November 18, 2019

– [Feature] Password protect content in custom fields

– [Feature] Password protect files ( Phase 1 )

– [Improvement] Add new attributes for short code

– [Improvement] Shortcode – Support custom post type

– [Improvement] Improve UI to compatible with WP 5.3

– [Improvement] Add Protect Files section under settings page

– [Improvement] Add “ppwp-sitewide-protection” into body class for styling purposes

– [Feature] Shortcode – Integrate with visual Page Builders

– [Feature] Add hook to track password for entire site

– [BugFix] PPWP Pro: Fix popup flash of hidden content

Version October 31, 2019

– [HotFix] In home page, enter the password for any post, the others also unlock

Version 1.1.4: October 31, 2019

– [Improvement] Handle private links when integrating with PDA Gold

– [Feature] Set redirect URLs for specific entire-site passwords (Phase 1)

– [Improvement] Handle password form WooCommerce product when remove “woocommerce_before_single_product”

– [Improvement] Performance issue when use post_password_required

– [Improvement] Apply hook to check condition handle S&R from PDA Gold

– [Improvement] Optimize capacity for Front-End

– [BugFix] Save wrong cookies for roles password

– [BugFix] Issue when integration with PDA Gold

– [Improvement] Display error message when integrating with PDA version 3.1.2 and

Version 1.1.3: September 24, 2019

– [Feature] Allow users to skip entering passwords for the 1st time via URL parameters

– [Feature] Customize entire site login form

– [Improvement] Show error message if enter more than 255 characters under PP Private Pages

– [Improvement] Update the color of error message in password form to #dc3232

– [Improvement] Integrate with PDA Gold – return to pda link if users have permission

– [Improvement] Change Whitelist Roles -> Whitelisted Roles

– [Improvement] Compile css into one bundle file in Settings Page

– [Improvement] Improve performance for pop-up

– [BugFix] Conflict with Beaver Builder -> show error message when accessing 404 page

Version 1.1.1: August 23, 2010

– [Feature] Set multiple passwords for entire site

– [Feature] Make Whitelist Roles work with “global site password protection”

– [Improvement] Show switch button under metabox of child pages

– [BugFix] The post reverts the protection status after click update the post

– [BugFix] We will get error message when multiple clicks button “Save changes” at the same time

– [BugFix] Can’t set password  0 under settings page

Version 1.1.0: August 08, 2019

– [Improvement] Use update server system

– [Improvement] Revamp architecture to improve performance

– [Improvement] Resolve compatibility with Cache Plugins

– [BugFix] Password can be case-sensitive

– [BugFix] Support user having multiple roles

– [BugFix] Require user to key in license

– [Feature] Display show/hide password form

– [Feature] Add custom GET param when user enter password successfully

Version June 20, 2019

– [Feature] PPWP: Add “Post Type Protection” option under Settings Page – UI – Database Saving

– [Feature] PPWP: Display Password Protection column under CTP page

– [Feature] PPWP: Hide default password protect function

– [Feature] Migrate default password to our popup when PPWP Pro is active

– [Feature] PPWP: Improve feature migrate default password for Custom Post Type

– [Improvement] PPWP: Improve feature support Custom Post Type

– [BugFix] PPWP Pro: Notice: Undefined offset: 0

Version May 28, 2019

– [HotFix] Uncaught Error: Class ‘WP_Protect_Password_Service’ not found when license has never entered

– [BugFix] PPWP Gold: Show 2 password fields in protected product page

– [BugFix] PPWP Gold: Should remove Products page from Exclude field when users deactivate WooCommerce Plugin

Version 1.0.10: May 10, 2019

– [Feature] Disallow search engine to index the protected pages or posts

– [Feature] Allow Changing Text on Password Protected Page

– [Improvement] post_password_required doesn’t work with our plugin

– [Improvement] Improve UI of Settings Page

– [BugFix] The text of button link to open popup is inconsistent

Version 1.0.9: April 18, 2019

– [Feature] PPWP Gold: Exclude certain pages from our Global site protection

– [Feature] Migrate default password when activating gold version and remove the function set default password of WP

– [Feature] Migrate data from Free version to Gold version

– [Feature] Show a warning message when users deactivate our plugins

Version April 10, 2019

– [BugFix] Password Protect Entire Site is enabled but the password field is empty

– [BugFix] Update license type in Setting Page

– [BugFix] Password Protect Entire Site doesn’t work if Cookies Expiration Time is more than 9999 days

– [BugFix] WP logo is missing on sub pages

– [BugFix] Password Protect Private Pages incorrect when users enter special characters

– [BugFix] Error message does not display when users enter the wrong password

– [Improvement] Show notice not work with sites use caching

– [Improvement] Improve UI Settings Page

Version 1.0.8: January 30, 2019

– [Improvement] Add a setting option that user can keep the current option, data or license when they uninstall the plugin

– [BugFix] More-than-30-characters password isn’t shown under popup

– [Improvement] Should show error message when entering wrong password

– [Improvement] Add permissions to API

– [Improvement] Should hide the General and Advance tabs when the license is not valid and has never entered

– [BugFix] Duplicate default password when re-protect page/post

– [BugFix] Fix “quick edit” in Protect Password

Version December 12, 2018

– [BugFix] Quick fix for the error that cannot load the service class for the new customers

Version 1.0.7: December 11, 2018

– [Feature] Categorize new passwords by roles or global

– [Feature] Should be able to edit Usage Limit when clicking Edit under popup

– [Improvement] Add metabox to edit the post for user set password

– [Improvement] Update UI & Text

Version November 21, 2018

– [Improvement] Allows users to add & change error messages when entering wrong passwords

Version November 21, 2018

– [Improvement] Set default option Password Protect Child Pages is on

Version 1.0.6: November 20, 2018

– [Improvement] Create Manager Passwords popup for child pages

– [Feature] Support other post types including Woo Products

Version 1.0.5: November 16, 2018

– [BugFix] PPWP: Can’t open popup after Quick Edit

– [Improvement] Customize UI for function “password entire site”

– [Feature] Add option set password for page and post in setting (UI)

– [Feature] Use the same password form with this WordPress filter (tested by developers)

– [Feature] PPWP: Protect multiple pages with the same password

– [Improvement] Prevent password duplication between Global (shared) password with the other types in a post/page

– [Improvement] Prevent password duplication between Role password type  with the other types in a post/page

Version November 7th, 2018

– [BugFix] Database cannot update

Version November 7th, 2018

– [BugFix] Add high priority for upgrade plugin complete hook

Version 1.0.4: November 6th, 2018

– [BugFix] Password protect entire site does not work

– [Improvement] Should remove “Password protected by user roles” option on child pages

– [Improvement] Should remove space when creating Password protect by user roles

– [BugFix] Settings option: Password’s cookies expiration

– [Improvement] Should hide “New Password” if page/post is unprotected

– [Feature] Expire passwords by date or time

– [BugFix] Password Expiry changes to 7AM after editing

– [BugFix] Page/post is unprotected although creating password successfully

– [Feature] All protected files in content will be accessible after unlocking a password protected content

– [Improvement] Improve settings UI

– [BugFix] PPWP & ActiveCampaign: Dropdown display bug


– [BugFix] Add a css class to fix Yoast bug that overriding the react tab’s css library

Lasted updated on February 17, 2022