October 12, 2019

Top 6 WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection Plugins

WordPress shares over 30% of all websites on the internet. Your site is running on WordPress? It can be a sitting target for hackers at any time. There are various vulnerabilities on your site that can get attacked, from an unreliable web hosting to outdated versions of WordPress core and themes. Malicious users also find…

October 3, 2019

8 Ways to Prevent WordPress Brute Force Attacks

Trusted by a quarter of sites on the web, WordPress is considered as one of the most popular content management systems. Your site is running on WordPress? Undoubtedly, these sites have become juicy targets for hackers and cybercrimes. Be alert! Bad people and bots can attack your website through vulnerabilities of outdated plugins, incompetent web…

September 17, 2019

Create WordPress Custom Post Type Templates

WordPress’s default post types help you create blog posts, pages, or attachment pages easily. Most of these posts and pages follow similar formats. When creating efficient content for your site, you might find the default post types restrictive. That’s where custom post types come into play. Custom post types are content types like posts and…

September 14, 2019

11 Best Free Captcha Plugins for WordPress 2019


Bots are becoming the main problem that every website owner has to run into sooner or later. Bad people who use bots to try leaked passwords, post spam, and scrap your content usually don’t target specific websites and website types only. According to W3Tech, WordPress now powers more than one-third websites on the internet, which…

September 10, 2019

How to Create Age Verification in WordPress


Regulations about age-restricted commerce keep changing. It is the responsibility of businesses to stay their adult products and services out of underage youth’s eyes. As a business owner, do you manage who is visiting your website effectively? You can make sure all of your buyers are appropriately-aged, can’t you? Maybe not. Then, you might need…

September 7, 2019

11 Most Popular Types of Captcha

You may find the term “captcha” strange and technical, in fact, this term has been a part of your daily experience on the internet for a long time. You certainly come across captchas many times while creating an account, logging in, leaving a comment, downloading a file or resetting the password on many websites. Different…

September 2, 2019

Change Category Order in WordPress and WooCommerce


Have you ever tried to change the default order of the category in your WordPress and WooCommerce site? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be surprised to know how easily you can change category order using our effective ways. Category order has a huge effect on how readers approach your content. However, WordPress, by…