October 5, 2022

WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing: 10 Recommended Plugins


WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin assists site developers in simplifying the administrative process. Indeed, it covers changes for multiple variations without obstacles to handling them singularly. Along with the significant development of the eCommerce industry, speeding up the customized process gains competitive advantages for businesses. For that reason, applying bulk editing plugins releases the burden…

September 30, 2022

User Role Unique to WordPress Multisite: A Comprehensive Guide


Assigning the user role unique to WordPress multisite enables comprehensive website management for administrators. When targeting diverse audiences and locations, the consistency in user roles guarantees a proper operation to attain core objectives. The collaboration between various individuals in the role hierarchy needs effective approaches to streamline the working process. Apart from possessing ultimate control,…

September 25, 2022

10 Best Online Course WordPress Themes: Features & Reviews


In recent years, eLearning has grown in popularity. Many businesses and educational institutions have included online education in their services. That’s why providing online education on your website will bring great benefits. Adding such features to your website, however, is quite difficult. So, it’s important to invest in quality WordPress online course themes if you…

September 20, 2022

Create WordPress Static Home Pages Like a Pro!

PPWP Pro: Create WordPress Static Home Page like a Pro!

By default, your WordPress home page shows a list of recent posts. That means your home page will be changed whenever you publish a new blog to your site. While this default behavior is suitable for users who want to show their latest jobs on the front page, it isn’t highly recommended for a business…

September 15, 2022

Top 50 Most Common Passwords & Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

A list of 50 most common passwords and everything you should know about passwords. What is a Password? Password refers to the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your content. It is a combination of characters set by the administrators. Anyone attempting to view the content must enter the correct passwords. Imagine the…

September 14, 2022

7 Best Digital Products To Sell Online: A WordPress Guide


eCommerce is a rising trend in the digital age nowadays. Anyone can build and own an online business with ready-made platforms. WordPress, which comes with WooCommerce, proves itself to be the most popular platform for selling online products. However, choosing the right platform to sell your products is just the beginning. Deciding what to sell…

September 9, 2022

Top 5 WordPress Custom RSS Feed Plugins


The development of advanced technology has paved the way for multiple approaches for businesses to personalize users’ experiences. Regarding website customization, the plugins’ integration has aided businesses in interacting with customers effectively. Various web administrators apply custom RSS feed plugins to their websites to provide subscribers with updated news and articles. Due to the benefits…