What Makes a Perfect Coming Soon Page Design?

What Makes a Perfect Coming Soon Page Design?

A coming soon page refers to a landing page where visitors can learn more about your business or products before launch. It captures people’s interests to help you reach more potential customers.

It’s important to create a coming soon page for

Product development

Raising money


Brand construction

Because an excellent coming soon page allows you to


Make your site private until it’s ready


Establish an email list and turn your visitors into subscribers


Segment your audience before launch


Get early feedback on how people think of your upcoming ideas


Have a head start in SEO rankings by using proper keywords


Keep your prospective customers excited and engaged

So what constitutes a perfect coming soon page design?

Just like any landing page, the coming soon page needs to be optimized for conversions to achieve the best results.

To make a coming soon page that converts, you should include:

A company logo

To define your brand

A coming soon message

To convey your purpose

A value proposition

To explain what is coming soon

A hero shot

To show photos of the product in use

A project summary

To clarify its benefits for customers

A call to action

To grow your pre-launch email list

A countdown clock

To create a sense of urgency

Social sharing buttons

To encourage visitors to spread the word

Password Protect
WordPress Content

Launching This Autumn!

Value Proposition
Coming Soon Message
Countdown Clock

Get the Latest Updates!

Call to Action

Social Sharing Buttons
Hero Shot
Here's how PPWP works:
  • Password protect any WordPress content types
  • Manage passwords by user roles, usage limit, and expiration time
Project Summary


How can I make a coming soon landing page?

There are hundreds of coming soon page templates available for free download. Simply search for them on Google, pick your favorite one, and tailor it according to your needs. Another way is to make use of a coming soon/maintenance plugin.

Which are the best coming soon plugins?

There are numerous great plugins and page builders that support you to create a pretty coming soon page, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

Are there any other options to build a coming soon page?

Yes. You can use our PPWP plugin to password protect your site, then redirect users to your custom coming soon page after login. That’s just one of several ways to put your site in the coming soon/maintenance mode with our plugin.

What are the main differences between coming soon and maintenance mode?

A coming soon page is normally used when you are working on a new project. Whereas, maintenance mode is a status you use to inform your visitors that an existing project is under construction.

Can I enable maintenance mode for WooCommerce?

Yes, absolutely. Our PPWP plugin provides you with a solution to set up maintenance mode for your WooCommerce store.