Non-Essential Features

Some functionality in Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro will be disabled if your license expires. However, these are non-essential features and PPWP Pro will continue to function still.

These features will be disabled:

  • Passwords
    • Customize and auto-generate new passwords via popup and metabox *
    • Protect content with one click via action link
    • Set password expiration by time or usage
    • Deactivate passwords
    • Create & copy bypass URLs
  • Post Type Protection
    • Add new post types *
    • Protect all posts under categories
    • Change whitelisted roles
  • Master Passwords
    • Create new master passwords for Pages and other custom post types
  • Sitewide Protection
    • Redirect after entering passwords
    • Exclude certain pages from sitewide protection

* All your existing passwords and protected post types won’t be affected.

How about PPWP Extensions?

Updates for all PPWP Pro extensions such as Group Protection and Access Levels will be disabled as well if you don’t renew your license.

The reason for that is we constantly update features on both PPWP Pro and its extensions. So some new features of an extension may not be compatible with older versions of PPWP Pro. We can still let you use our extensions with the old and incompatible Pro version, but chances are it would not function properly and could even break your entire website, which goes beyond our control and against everyone’s wishes.

That’s why, for security and compatibility reasons, we have to turn off updates for all extensions as well.

Lasted updated on January 21, 2020