FAQ: How to Password Protect WordPress

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to password protect your website content, you are in the right place. With “Password Protect WordPress” plugin, you can create and manage multiple passwords for each WordPress page, post and Custom Post Type (CPT) with ease.

What’s the difference between WordPress “Password Protected” and “Password Protect WordPress” plugin?

WordPress default “Password Protected” feature only allows you to create one password which applies to all visitors and users of your website. That means even admins have to enter the same password to view the content.

On the other hand, Password Protect WordPress plugin allows you to set not only multiple passwords for all user roles but also a different password for each and every user role. In other words, you can set one password for your contributors, one for your subscribers and so on. It comes in handy when you want to block certain user roles from accessing your content, you just need to deactivate or delete the password for that role. The other user roles will not be affected.

Getting Started

I’ve installed the plugin. What should I do next?

Go to the Settings page and set the main basic settings. Our detailed tutorial will help you get started with Password Protect WordPress Pro.

Do my users have to keep entering the password to access a private page?

No, users don’t have to re-enter passwords to access content in 7 days by default. You can lengthen or shorten this period of time by changing cookies expiration time in the Settings page.

Can I use multiple passwords to protect a page or post?

Yes, you can generate multiple passwords to protect a page or post. Each user can use a different password to unlock the protected content.

Can users enter the password once and access all pages and posts?

Yes, you can enter the password once and access all related pages and posts with the following 2 options:

Can I show the child page while password protecting the parent page?

Yes, you can make child pages public while password protecting the parent page by disabling the Password Protect Child Pages feature in the Settings page.

Can search engines index my password protected content?

No, the plugin will block search engines from finding and indexing your password protected content by default. If you want to allow your private content to be indexed, disable the Block Search Indexing feature in the Settings page.

Can I allow admins to access the private content without entering passwords?

Yes, you can allow admins to access your private content without entering the password by setting the whitelist role to admins.

There are also other whitelist roles options:

  • Post’s author
  • Logged-in users
  • Custom roles - you can choose multiple roles at the same time
Can I make some pages public while the whole website is password protected?

Yes, our plugin allows you to exclude specific pages from your site-wide protection while protecting the entire site with a password.

Plugin Usage

How can I generate passwords and manage them?

Password Protect WordPress Pro offers two ways to generate and manage your passwords:

  • Password protection popup - You’re able to generate and manage all your passwords at the same place. Making changes to password settings are supported.
  • While editing content - You can create and manage passwords while editing your content.
What if users share their password with another person?

Anyone with the right password can unlock your protected content. To prevent this, you can either:

  • Set the password expiry to 1 or 2 days OR
  • Restrict the password usage to 3 or 5 times

After the limit is reached, the password will become invalid.

Can the password expire immediately after being entered?

Yes, your password will become invalid once entered correctly if you set its usage limit to one time. You can do so under our password management pop-up. Simply set the usage limit to 1 when creating a new password.

Can I set a password for a part of the content?

Yes, you can. When you protect your content partially, part of the content will be secured with a password form. The rest is visible to the public. This feature will be available in our next version.

How many times can users enter wrong passwords?

As of now, users can repeatedly enter wrong passwords without any restrictions. Unwanted users could make use of brute force attacks to access your private content though. To prevent such attacks, you can set the maximum failed attempt such as 3 or 5 times per user. They will be locked out for a period of time before making another access attempt.

This feature will be released in our upcoming version.

Can I unprotect multiple pages at the same time?

Yes, you can unprotect multiple pages and posts at the same time in 2 different ways:

  • Unlock the parent page or the category. All child pages under that parent page and all posts under that category will be unprotected automatically.
  • Use bulk actions when you want to unlock multiple pages secured by different passwords (WIP).
Why can’t my media files be password protected?

Our plugin helps protect WordPress content only. Media files in the protected pages and posts will be accessible via their direct URLs. Password Protect WordPress Pro can be integrated with Prevent Direct Access Gold plugin seamlessly to protect both your files and content.

How can the users get their passwords?

You can send passwords to your users manually. Password Protect WordPress Pro can also be integrated with Email Marketing software such as ActiveCampaign and MailChimp to send out passwords to your subscribers automatically.