How to Send Quick Access Links to WooCommerce Customers after Purchase

PPWP WooCommerce Integration extension gives you the ability to sell password protected content via WooCommerce. After purchasing, your customers will receive a quick access link allowing them to access protected content directly. What’s more, you have full control over access link restriction, such as expire them after a period of time of clicks automatically. This will prevent your protected content from being shared without your permission.


Once activating our plugins, go to create or edit a product. Then tick the Virtual checkbox to enable our PPWP Access Link option.

Step 1: Select the password protected content which you want to send to the customers once they purchase this product.

Only content that is password protected by our PPWP Pro display from the dropdown list.

Step 2: In order to prevent your customers from sharing your content, you should restrict access link usage by time or clicks. Leave these fields empty to create never-expiring links.

Please note that usage limit and expiration time help to restrict quick access links, not protected content. Let’s say you set a link to auto-expire after 1 click. Once a customer clicks his quick access link, the others will see the 404 page when attempting to access that link.

Technically, when the customer clicks on the quick access link, our plugin will store the password as a cookie on his browser. So the customer still accesses the protected content without entering the password until the cookie expires.

Step 3: Custom the message which will be embedded to the order page and email template. The message shouldn’t contain [, ], “, ‘ characters.

Here is a sample message: This is the %product page%. The link will auto-expire after {usage_limit} clicks or at {expiration_time}.

The screenshot below demonstrates how this message is shown to customers.

It’s worth to note that:

  • Quick access links are generated as long as the Virtual checkbox is ticked.
  • You can get only one quick access link per order. In other words, the number of quick access links doesn’t depend on the number of associated products.
  • Changing password protected content will generate new access links under all order pages, either existing or upcoming orders.
Lasted updated on June 2, 2020