PPWP Lite vs Pro Version

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Lite provides an all-in-one solution to password protect your website at no cost. Our plugin will give you the ability to protect the whole or each part of your site with a single password. Users won’t need to log into their accounts in order to access the protected content anymore.

PPWP Pro makes it even easier and faster to password protect your private content. It offers many more advanced features giving you full control over your protection and protected objects. However, when you’re using the PPWP Lite and want to upgrade to Pro license, there are some differences between these 2 versions required you keep an eye on:

Password Protection Status

Similar to the built-in WordPress password protection feature, PPWP Lite determines whether a page or post is protected or not based on the number of the password it has.

  • A page or post is unprotected if it has no password
  • A page or post is protected if it has more than one password

If you want to unprotect a page or post, the Lite version requires you to remove all created passwords, including both global and role passwords.

However, when it comes to PPWP Pro, everything is simpler. The password protection status of a post doesn’t relate to its passwords.

Password protect content with Pro version
Password protect content with Pro version
  • When you protect a page or post, PPWP Pro will generate a new random password if it has no password before that.
  • When you unprotect a page or post, PPWP Pro will make it publicly accessible without removing its passwords. All passwords and data will be shown once the content is protected again.

Password Checking Time

PPWP Free stores all passwords of a single post in WordPress default table postmeta. So it might take time to check passwords and unlock content if you have thousands of passwords.

With PPWP Pro version, we store all passwords in a separate table in the WordPress database. By doing that, we can assign each password with a unique ID that speeds up the password checking process.

Sitewide Password Protection

Both our Lite and Pro version support to password protect your entire site. However, they’re using different methods.

The Lite version allows you to create one password only and this password will be hashed. It means that you can’t see the created password despite the fact that you’re an administrator.

PPWP Pro, on the other hand, allows you to create multiple passwords at once and they won’t be hashed due to tracking purposes. You will also be able to exclude some certain pages from sitewide protection as well as redirect your users to a specific URL after they enter the right password.

What you can customize the login page on Lite & Pro version

Both versions of our PPWP plugin allows you to customize the sitewide login page using WordPress Customizer. Let’s take a look at what our Lite & Pro have to offer.

 Free VersionPro Version
Disable logo
Change logo image
Change logo width, height, and radius
Display headline
Change headline font size
Change headline font weight
Change headline text color
Set an image as background
Change background color
Enable form transparency
Change form background color
Change form width and radius
Change form padding
Change password field text
Change password field font size
Change password field font weight
Change password field text color
Display placeholder
Display "Show Password" button
Change "Show Password" button text
Change "Show Password" font size
Change "Show Password" button color
Display description
Change description font size
Change description font weight
Change description text color
Change button text
Change button width and height
Change font size
Change button text color
Change button text color (hover)
Change button background color
Change button background color (hover)
Customize error message
Change font size
Change font weight
Change text color

Track Password Statistics

PPWP Pro provides an easy-to-use interface allowing users to track password usage. By using the Statistics extension, you can track password usage of not only individual pages but also the entire site. You will know who has used your password, including their username, IP address, browser info, and when they access your protected content.

Check out the full list of Free and Pro feature comparison.