Block Google Search Indexing

The Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro will automatically block your password protected content, e.g. posts, pages, and custom post types from appearing in search results. The plugin achieves that by adding a noindex,follow meta tag to the header of these pages.

In case you protect your entire site, all your content will be hidden from search engines whether they’re protected or not.

While this should suffice, it’s not guaranteed that your protected posts and pages won’t appear in search engine results. Different search engine crawlers may read these meta tags differently. It’s also possible that the content was indexed before being protected by our plugin, and so, would still appear in the results. In that case, you should remove indexed pages and posts from Google search manually.

Related Features in our development backlog:

  • Exclude protected content on blog and archive page, sitemap or recent posts widgets globally and individually
  • Block search indexing of protected category pages
  • Options to select different directives for the robots meta tag: none & noindex, follow
  • Remove noindex meta tag for unprotected pages/posts under site-wide protection (this is not necessary)
Lasted updated on August 6, 2019