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Unlimited Passwords

Migrate existing WordPress passwords and create unlimited new passwords for your content.

Wildcard Passwords

Set passwords that follow certain format and pattern, e.g. (*) & (*) Users can unlock the content with any emails following these formats.

Quick Access Links

Allow users to bypass protection & access protected content directly without entering passwords. Customize to make QALs shorter and easier to remember.

Partial Content Protection

Protect part of content sections. Show a teaser that encourages visitors to register in order to unlock private content sections.

Simple Shortcodes

Use powerful shortcodes to protect part of content inside any content blocks.

Show Post Excerpt

Display post excerpt to provide more information about the password protected content or entice users to take actions.

Page Builders Integration

Integrate with top page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder. Drag or drop the built-in UI block instead of using shortcodes manually.

Any Custom Post Types

Protect all custom post types including WooCommerce products with ease.

Master Passwords

Unlock all protected content, including single and PCP protection - across pages, posts and custom post types, at once with master passwords.

Password Usage Restriction

Limit password usage by user roles, number of days or clicks. Expired passwords can no longer be used.

Multiple Pages Protection

Protect multiple content across different post types with a single password at once.

Whitelist User Roles

Set whitelisted user roles who won't have to enter passwords to access all private content.

Unlock Multiple Sections at once

Allow users to access all protected sections using the same password across different pages, posts and custom post types.

Unlock Content without Page Refresh

Unlock protected content without reloading the page to avoid catching issues and improve user experience.

No Search Indexing

Block your password protected content from appearing in search results.

Sitewide Protection

All your website content will be locked under a password login form. Exclude certain pages & redirect according to the password entered.

Protected Content Visibility

Allow you to control the visibility of your protected post types in various different views, e.g. blog list & search.

Child-Parent Pages Protection

Automatically lock children if the parent page is password protected.

ACF & Custom Fields

Protect content inside ACF or WordPress custom fields with simple modifications on the page template.

Quick/Mass Protection

Password protect all posts under a category with a single click. Or use bulk action to protect multiple contents at once.

Protect Multi-language Content

Auto-protect your sub-languages content; sync passwords with the main page.

Toggle Password Visibility

Allow users to view their password while typing.

Allow RSS

Make RSS feeds public while your entire site is password protected.

Set Cookie Expiration

Allow your users to keep the access to protected content for a period of time without having to re-enter passwords.

Set Session Cookies

Force your users to be logged out right after closing their browser.

Add ReCAPTCHA to Password Form

Prevent password abuse and spam by adding Google reCAPTCHA to password form.

It's easy to use PPWP Pro

No solution is complete without a friendly UI, regular updates, & premium support

Caching Friendly

PPWP Pro works seamlessly with top cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.


Manage Passwords Easily

Create and manage passwords under a friendly popup or while editing content. Simpler than ever.

Made for WordPress

PPWP Pro looks and feels like WordPress. You have full control over your password and content protection.

Live Customizer

Customize our password forms including its description and error message via the WordPress built-in customizer.

Translation Ready

A .pot file is included to help you quickly translate our password forms into any languages.


Developer Friendly

Customize and extend the built-in password protection features with our provided hooks and APIs.

Regular Updates

Regular updates ensures our plugins are always compatible with WordPress newest versions as well as the top WordPress plugins and themes. Bugs get fixed too.

Well Documented

Get started with PPWP Pro right away with our "how-to" guides and tutorials. Useful tips, tweaks, and snippets are frequently updated on our blog too.

World-class Support

Having issues or questions with our plugin? Don't worry. Our priority support ensures that you always get a solution from us within 12 hours - usually less, every day.

Advanced Features

Integrate and extend Password Protect WordPress Pro features with these add-ons

Import/Export Passwords

It's straightforward to import/export hundreds of passwords from/to a CSV file.

WooCommerce Integration

Protect the whole shop page, including products and category pages with the same password. Create a quick access link to access private content after purchase of virtual products.

Reset Expired Passwords

Users can reset expired passwords by themselves right in the frontend of their site.

Password Access levels

Protect WordPress categories including WooCommerce product categories. Set different password access levels for your content. Bypass category protection with QALs.

Multisite Support

Support password protect WordPress on subsites of a multisite network.

Passwordless Authentication

Require users to fill in a contact form or pass Google reCAPTCHA verification instead of a password form. Users don’t have to remember passwords of any kind to access your private content.

Redirect based on Passwords

Create a central login page and redirect users according to the password entered.

Protect Groups of Content

Protect content on different post types or entire post. One password to unlock all protected content at once. Future posts will be protected automatically. Generate QALs to bypass group protection.

Real-time Tracking

Track password usage, i.e. the time they’re logged in, IP address and browser used, as well as additional information with our Statistics extension.

Extend sitewide protection features

Restrict sitewide password usage. Bypass password protection using quick access links.

Unlock Sitewide Protection Partially

Allow users to unlock the predefined parts of your protected site based on entered passwords.

Email Marketing Integration

Integrate with email marketing software, e.g. MailChimp & ActiveCampaign & send passwords to users automatically.

Require Both Username & Passwords

Instead of only entering a password, you can require users to enter additional information to unlock the protected WordPress content.

Protect Embedded Files

Password protect WordPress files in your content by simply wrapping them with a shortcode.

Contact Forms Integration

Grant direct access to password protected content for users who submit a contact form.

Restrict Passwords Based on Users/IP Addresses

Create one password and limit 1 or certain usage per user or IP address.