Password Protect Partial Content

Password Protect Partial WordPress Content

Hide certain sections of your article under a password form. Show a teaser of premium content and entice visitors to sign up.

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Protect private sections & create teaser content

Why protecting partial WordPress content?

Use a simple shortcode to quickly secure portions of your content with passwords

  • Set passwords while editing content¬†
    Protect any content sections and set passwords directly on your content
  • Create teaser sections to premium content
    Spark users' interest in the protected section with the visible content
  • Show different content for different user roles
    Protect different content areas and show each of them to certain user roles

Extend functionality with shortcode parameters

Enhance the partial protection with other shortcode paratemeters

[ppwp passwords="password1 password2" whitelisted_roles="administrator, editor"] Your protected content [/ppwp]

  • Set multiple passwords to lock parts of the content
  • Allow certain user roles to view the private content sections directly without having to enter passwords
  • Work with almost all custom page templates & custom fields (WIP)

Customize the look and feel of the password form

Customize the password form styling to match your WordPress site theme and brand as well as improving the user experience

  • Create an eye-catching form with custom font-size, colors, and design
  • Edit the headline and the description of the password form to best describe the hidden content
  • Display the placeholder text of the password input to guide what users should enter

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