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Password protect unlimited pages, WooCommerce products,
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Password Protect Unlimited WordPress Pages and Custom Post Types

Password Protect WordPress Pro protects unlimited WordPress pages, posts, and all custom post types including WooCommerce products. Plus, you can automatically protect child pages or all posts under a particular category.

What's more, you can whitelist certain user roles who will bypass our password protection. Similarly, you can also set a timeframe that your users won't have to re-enter passwords to access your protected content.

Password protect WordPress pages & posts by user roles

Password Protect WordPress Pro allows you to set passwords to specific user roles of your WordPress website such as members and customers. Only these roles will be able to enter passwords to access your protected content; the rest won't be able to see the content at all.

This feature comes in useful when you have a membership site in place where you want to protect your private content against the public, and at the same time, allow certain members to access them.

Protect each WordPress page & post with multiple passwords

Password Protect WordPress Pro enables you to create as many passwords to access a particular page as you would like to. That allows you to share a piece of password protected content with different users, and at the same time, keep track of the usage of each and every password. You can even customize the passwords so that it's more memorable to your users.

  • Generate a random or customize your own password:
    Random password: 8575f26ae274
    Custom password: this-is-my-password
  • Expire passwords by total usage and dates or manually. Only "active" passwords can be used to access your protected content
  • Track password usage: you will be able to know how many times each password has been used
Restrict Media Files Access to Logged-in Users

Set the same password for multiple pages

In many cases, you may want quickly to protect multiple pages with the same password instead of password protecting them individually. Not only will you save a lot of time setting them up, but also your readers don't have to remember too many passwords.

Password protect the whole WordPress website

When building up content or setting up a private website, you may want to password protect the entire website against unauthorized users. In other words, they will need to enter a password to access any of your site content.

There is also an option to exclude certain posts and pages from our site-wide protection. So you can display a landing or coming soon page rather than just a login form to your visitors.

We Provide Everything You Need to Secure Your WordPress Content


 Free VersionPro Version
Track password usage
Protect or unprotect content by one click
Define whitelisted roles Select user roles who can access your protected content without entering passwords
Set password cookies expiration time
Password protect all posts under category
Password protect mulitple pages at the same time
Password protect sub pages
Create Global Password
Create Role Password1 password/role1 password/multiple roles
multiple passwords/role
Deactivate or Delete Passwords manually
Manage Passwords under Popup
Auto-generate New Password
Auto-deactivate Passwords by Usage
Auto-deactivate Passwords by Time
Password Protect Entire Site
Exclude certain pages from site-wide protection
Customize Form Message
Customize Error Message
Block Search Indexing
Remove Data Upon Uninstall
W3 Total Cache
WP Super Cache
WP Fastest Cache
Prevent Direct Access

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