Display Password Protected Content on RSS Feeds

RSS feed is a simple, standardized content distribution that allows users and applications to access updates to your websites. Upon subscription to your desired RSS feed, you need to use an RSS reader to read and get updates of the feed.

By default, the feeds fetch the content from the page. So if the page is protected, the password form codes appear on the feed too. While Password Protect WordPress plugin protects your private content from unauthorized access, it hides the content on RSS feed as well.

In this article, we will show you how to display the protected content instead of the password form on RSS feeds.


To display your password protected content on RSS feed, you need to define our custom constant in your wp-config.php file.

define( 'PPWP_SINGLE_FEED_DISPLAY', true );

If you password protected the entire site instead of some individual pages, you should use the custom constant below:


This defined constant will make your RSS feeds public while your site is still hidden.

Performance-wise, it’s much faster for your website to load if you define this variable on your wp-config.php instead of using a UI settings option.

Please note that if you hide a password protected page from RSS by modifying the Visibility option under our plugin’s settings page, it won’t be shown in the RSS feed even though you set PPWP_SINGLE_FEED_DISPLAY value to true.

Lasted updated on May 28, 2020