Access Levels

Password protect the entire post categories; auto-protect new posts; then set different content access with password levels.

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Group Protection

Password protect different post types together. Unlock one and get access to the rest of the content automatically

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Password Suite

Import/Export passwords to a CSV file; create a central password login form, and much more.

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ActiveCampaign Integration

Create & send passwords via ActiveCampaign's newsletters & automated emails

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MailChimp Integration

Integrate password protected content with MailChimp's newsletters & automated emails

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Password Statistics

Track password usage including the time they're logged in as well as their IP address, browser and username if available

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Multisite Integration

Extend and allow PPWP Pro to work properly on subsites of a multisite network

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WooCommerce Integration

Auto-generate a password access link to a protected page after users purchase a product

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