Password protect WordPress custom post types

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro allows you to protect WordPress pages and posts as well as other custom post types (CPT) such as “Products” created by WooCommerce.


Once you install and activate our plugin, the “Password Protection” column will display under Pages, Posts by default. At the same time, all build-in WordPress password protect function will be hidden to avoid conflict. Simply password protect your private content and manage all these passwords under popup as usual.

Let’s say you’re running an online course website and have created a CPT named “Courses”. Now you want to set passwords for some paid courses.

To do so, go to Password Protect WordPress >> General tab from your admin dashboard. Then simply select “Courses” type from Post Type Protection dropdown list and save your changes.


Go back to your “Courses” dashboard, you should see the “Password Protection” column and enable password protection for each course.

Please keep in mind that, when you add a CPT to this option, our plugin will:

On the other hand, when you remove a CPT from this option:

  • All its content becomes unprotected
  • PPWP Pro password management functions disappear
  • Built-in WordPress password protect functions are shown again
Lasted updated on November 19, 2020