Prevent Direct Access Gold Integration Logic

  • When entering the right password, you will be able to view the protected page’s content:
    • If the user is logged in and has the right file access permission, our plugin will display the file using their protected link as usual
    • Otherwise, our plugin will create a private link for reach protected file, which will expire after the page is loaded. In other words, a new private link will be created on every page load for each file. This stops users from sharing your protected files
    • Limitation: Our plugin will not be able to display protected videos/audios (MP3, MP4) embedded in the content
  • If you whitelist a role that doesn’t have access permission to your private files protected by PDA Gold, they will be able to see the content but not those files
    • Solutions: simply log out to view those private files
Lasted updated on August 5, 2019