Prevent Direct Access Gold Integration Logic

  • When entering the right password, you will be able to view the protected page’s content:
    • If the user is logged in and has the right file access permission, our plugin will display the file using their protected link as usual.
    • Otherwise, our plugin will create a private link for reach protected file, which will expire after the page is loaded. In other words, a new private link will be created on every page load for each file. This stops users from sharing your protected files.
  • If a whitelisted user role visits password protected pages, they will be able to see both content and protected files following the same logic as the above whether they have file access permission or not.
  • Limitation:
    • Our plugin haven’t supported scrset and raw URLs yet (WIP)
    • Protected videos/audios (MP3, MP4) embedded in the content might not work smoothly
Lasted updated on September 25, 2019