Prevent Direct Access Gold Integration Logic


In order for this function to work properly, you need to update Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold and Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Free and Pro to the newest versions.

How PPWP integrates with PDA Gold

When users are either in your settings whitelist or enter the right password, they will be able to view both protected page’s content and embedded files:

  • If the user logged in and has the right file access permission, our plugin will display the files using their protected links as usual.
  • Otherwise, our plugin will generate a private link for users to reach the protected file, which will expire after the page is loaded. In other words, a new private link will be created on every page load for each file. This stops users from sharing your protected files.

Known Issues & Limitation

  • Our plugin hasn’t supported image scrset and PDA Gold Raw URLs yet (WIP)
  • Protected videos/audios (MP3, MP4) embedded in the content might not work smoothly
Lasted updated on December 3, 2019