Basic Troubleshooting

First things first, please make sure:

  • You’re on the latest version of WordPress
  • You’re using the latest version of Password Protect WordPress Pro:
    Our plugin is updated frequently with bug patches, security updates, code improvements, and new features. It’s always best to use the latest version of Password Protect WordPress Pro.
  • Clear and exclude protected content from browsers, hosting and plugin cache
    Caching speed up your WordPress site but would cause issues with our plugin. In other words, even if users enter the correct passwords, your website would still show the cached version of your protected page, i.e. with the login form instead of the private content.

    You can request your hosting providers to exclude all your password protected content from caching either on a per-page basis or by a link structure. For example, you can turn off caching for all content that contains this based URL:


Lasted updated on June 17, 2019