Managing Subscriptions

After purchasing the plugin, you’ll get 2 emails from our partner SendOwl, namely Order Confirmation and Order Receipt where you can download our plugin and manage your subscription.

How to manage your subscription?

Step 1: Click on the URL provided in either email

You’ll be redirected to a product dashboard where you can download your purchased plugin and manage its subscription.

Each order (plugin) is managed separately via the above link. There is no Account page to manage all subscriptions yet. For example, if you purchase our Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro plugin together with an extension, each plugin will be managed separately via the corresponding URL provided on the order receipt or confirmation email.

Your extension license will be automatically linked to your PPWP Pro’s as long as you use the same email during the purchase process.

Step 2: Click onto the URL provided in the dashboard

By clicking onto the link in the section below, you will be directed to SendOwl’s subscription management page.

* Log into the subscription management area
If you click on the link from the Receipt or Order confirmation email that we sent you, you would be able to view the subscription management page right away.

In case you are required to log in, simply copy your email address as well as Gateway Transaction ID from the order receipt to access the page.

Alternatively, you may want to “Claim account” then create a new password or reset your existing one to log into the plugin management page.

Step 3: Manage your subscription

Once you’ve logged into the subscription management area, you will be able to go back to the download page, cancel the plugin subscription, and change their payment method.

To avoid service disruption, subscriptions of all our plugins including PPWP Pro and its extensions will be automatically renewed every year. You should cancel the subscription before the next payment date if you do not want to renew your license in the following year. We do not refund automatic renewal payment.

Lasted updated on December 18, 2019