How to Redirect Users to a Specific URL after Unlocking Sitewide Protection

By default, after entering the correct password, your users will see the content they’re trying to unlock. In some cases, you’ll want to redirect them to different URLs, e.g. pricing and sale page, according to the password they enter to pass through your site-wide protection.


Step 1: Navigate to Password Protect WordPress >> Sitewide Protection submenu from your admin dashboard.

Step 2: Protect your whole site with at least one password


Step 3: Enable the Redirect option and enter the desired URL

Please note that the input field is only visible once you have password-protected your whole site.

  • Different passwords can be redirected to the same URL
  • Passwords without associated URL will take users back to the page users landed at
  • You have to create and save at least one sitewide password before using this function
  • Removing or changing a password will remove the corresponding URL

Use PPWP Suite extension to import multiple passwords and corresponding redirect URLs at once.

Lasted updated on March 11, 2021