How to Require both Password and Email/Username to Unlock Password Protected WordPress Content


Once you install and activate our plugins, go to Password Protect WordPress >> Additional Fields tab from your admin dashboard.

Then enable 2 options as the image above:

  1. The first option will add an additional field to your password form. So your users have to enter additional information besides their passwords, such as username or email.
  2. The second option requires additional information to be matched with your password label.

In this example, users have to enter the password S-})5rRj and email [email protected] to unlock the Post #74.

A few things are worth noting:

  • The quick access link will bypass this function. That means if users access your content via a quick access link, they will provide neither email/username nor password.
  • While you can add the multiple additional fields, this function will work with the default (first) field only. If you hide this field, our plugin skips the password label validation step. As the result, the content will be shown as soon as your users enter the right password (no matter the label is matched or not).
Lasted updated on September 13, 2020