Smart Restriction

Work with Password Statistics extension to prevent users from sharing your passwords and access to your premium content.


Allow using the same password once simultaneously

Isn’t it a threat to your protected content if one password can be used by many users at the same time? Especially when you’re selling access to premium content, this would cause you severe revenue loss. With the help of Smart Restriction extension and Password Statistics extension, your concern no longer exists.

Once you’ve set passwords for your private pages or posts with PPWP Pro, use Smart Restriction & Statistics addon to limit the number of users accessing your protected content simultaneously with the same password.

Specifically, it allows only 1 person to use a particular password at a time until its cookie expires. In other words, no one can use the same password to access your protected content at any given time.

Restrict Password Usage based on Users

While you can set usage and date limits, anyone can use your password within the restrictions. The Smart Restriction extension allows you to apply those restrictions to logged-in users. It means only logged-in users can use the passwords and that each user can use the password 3 times, for example.

Restrict Password Usage according to IP Addresses (WIP)

Send a single password or access link to all users. Restrict each IP address to be able to access the protected content for a limited number of times or clicks.

Password Protect Custom HTML URLs (WIP)

Having custom-built HTML pages that are not uploaded and created via WordPress? You can now password protect those specific URLs within your WordPress dashboard without having to set up anything on your server and cPanel.

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WordPress: 5.0 or higher
PPWP Pro: 1.3.0 or higher
1.3.0 or higher
PHP: 5.6 or higher

Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.0.0
License: As per your PPWP license

Your extension license is tied to your Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro license. So please use the same email when purchasing PPWP Gold and this extension.