Password Protect WordPress Lite

Password protect your entire website with a single password as well as WordPress pages and posts by user roles or with multiple passwords. Our Lite version offers the following functionalities:

Since version 1.2.0, our Lite (Free) plugin is required for our Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro, version 1.1.0 and above, to work properly

Protect WordPress pages & posts with Multiple Passwords

The plugin extends the default password protected WordPress feature by allowing you to set multiple passwords per Page and Post.

All your passwords, including the default password which is created by WordPress feature, will be displayed and managed under our plugin’s section on Edit Page.

To password protect your page and post, follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Go to Pages/Posts section in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select the desired page/post and hit Edit under the page/post title
  3. Head to Password Protect WordPress box in the editing screen and click Edit
  4. Choose the user roles in the Role dropdown
  5. Enter your password to protect the content. A post can be locked by multiple passwords. You can separate passwords by entering one per line.
  6. Hit Submit


Password protect WordPress pages & posts by Users Roles

You can also password protect your WordPress Pages & Posts by user roles. In other words, you can set different passwords for different user roles, i.e. one for subscribers, one for editors role.

As you see, there are two types of passwords in our Free version:

  1. “Global” password: can be used by everyone.
    It means anyone who visits a page protected by “global” password will see the password field and access the content once entering the right password.
  2. “Role” password: can be used by a specific user role.
    For example, if you set a password for “editor”, only those who access the protected page with Editor accounts will be able to enter the password. Otherwise, the password field will be hidden.

Currently, this Lite version doesn’t allow you to manage all passwords of your pages or posts under configuration popup. It also restricts the number of password per user role. Check out our Pro version which offers unlimited password and many other extended features.

Password’s Cookies Expiration

Once visitors enter the right password, they won’t have to do it again until the cookies expire. Its value is 7 days by default. You can change the expiration time on our plugin’s settings page.

Password Protect the whole WordPress website

You can create one password to protect your entire website. Visitors will be required to enter passwords once accessing each page or post. All your website content including pages, posts, and other custom post types but not media files are locked as well.

You’re not able to exclude specific pages and posts from the site-wide protection. This feature is only available on our PPWP Pro version.

It’s important to know that our plugin doesn’t allow you to create a password with spaces or duplicate passwords. It also requires WordPress 4.0 or later and PHP 5.6+.

Ready to have your WordPress pages and posts password protected? Install our Password Protect WordPress Pro now!

Lasted updated on June 1, 2020