Password protect by user roles

How to password protect against specific user roles?

  1. Under your WordPress dashboard, Go to page/post you want to password protect
  2. Locate and click on “edit” under “Password protected by:” section
  3. Select a user role in “Role” field
  4. Enter your password in “Password” field. Simply leave the password field empty to remove a password for a particular user role.
  5. Hit “Save”
    You can continue setting a password for another user role without having to refresh the page.

There will be an option for you to hide the password form for users that you don’t set the passwords for.

How to protect WordPress pages & posts with multiple passwords?

If you want to create a password that can be used for anyone including non-logged-in users, just follow these simple steps below:

  1. Under your WordPress dashboard, locate the content you want to protect under Pages or Posts
  2. Click on “Password Protect” under that page/post
  3. Click on “Password protect this file” button

By default, once the page is password-protected, a new password is generated automatically for you. Besides, you’re able to create as many passwords as you want for each page or post by clicking on “Auto-generate new password”.

Lasted updated on August 2, 2019