About Password Protect WordPress

Our Mission

To help WordPress site owners secure their website content.

Our Goal

To build the simplest yet most powerful password protected plugin for WordPress websites.

About 75 million websites on the entire web are powered by WordPress. Almost all of the site owners are paying extra attention to their site security and content protection. Our goal is to provide them with a simple and effective tool to password protect their sites.

Who We Are

Password Protect WordPress is developed by the beloved Prevent Direct Access team. This is our second major and certainly not our last WordPress plugin.

Prevent Direct Access Gold & Password Protect WordPress Pro

What We Do: Create Something Different!

Our commitment is to deliver the simplest content protection solution to WordPress website owners.

Eliminate complexities

We want to keep things simple. So instead of developing a complex user authentication to protect WordPress content, we come up with a simple password popup for you to protect your posts and pages. It takes just two clicks to protect multiple pages at once.

Always move on to better things

We always want to be the best at what we do. That’s why we keep improving our password protected plugin with new features, latest development trends, and best practices. We’re continuing to develop and improve both functionality and UI, UX of the plugin.