Use Cases

Grant Individual User Access

Allow each user to access protected content for a period of time or usage limit

  • Create multiple passwords - one for each user, at once and with the same password usage
    • If there are less than 10,000 passwords, use PPWP Pro
    • Otherwise, use PPWP Suite to import passwords via CSV file
  • Create and send one password to all users and restrict password usage based on users or IP addresses
    • Allow each user to access content on multiple devices
      • Require users to log in
      • Restrict password usage based on users
    • Otherwise,
      • Users are not required to log in
      • Restrict password usage based on IP addresses

Requirements: PPWP Lite, Pro & PPWP Smart Restriction (SR)

Grant users access after submission or purchase

  • Auto-generate new passwords after purchase, use
    • WooCommerce Integration
    • Gravity Forms Integration
  • Auto-generate new passwords after form subscription or submission
    • Gravity Forms Integration
    • MailChimp Integration
    • Contact Form 7 Integration (x)

Restrict Password Usage

  • By usage limit (counted per device)
  • By date - users can access the content on multiple devices, according to

Grant access to multiple content at once

  • If they're Posts categories
    • Not required to limit password usage
      • Use category password feature provided by PPWP Free
    • Required to limit password usage
      • Protect all pages under categories & use master passwords (PPWP Pro)
      • PPWP Access Levels
  • For all content of Page, Post or Custom Post Type, use PPWP Groups
  • For content belonging to specific months, use PPWP Groups
  • If they're all posts under a category (taxonomy) of custom post type (x)
  • Protect whole WooCommerce shop page, use WooCommerce Integration

Auto-protect new content

  • For (all) content under a Post category, use PPWP Free
  • For content under a month or particular Custom Post Type, use PPWP Groups
  • For content under a Post or Product category, use PPWP Access Levels

Require additional information on top of passwords

Users are required to provide additional information before accessing protected content

  • Display additional fields on the password form
    • Display additional fields on certain password form only
    • Do not require users to enter password
      • Use QALs
      • Disable checking valid password function (x) - users don't need to remember QALs
    • Redirect to specific content based on password
    • Protect part of content only
  • Redirect to the password form after form submission
    • Gravity Forms Integration
    • Contact Form 7 Integration
    • MailChimp Integration

Use one password to unlock content in both 2 groups

There are 3 groups of content, i.e. group A, B, and C

    • Passwords of group B can unlock all (post) content of group B and A
    • Passwords of group C can unlock all content of group C and A

Set group A as a child of group B and group C via PPWP Group addon.


Note: (x) The feature is not supported yet


Explore how you can use Password Protect WordPress Pro and its extensions in the real-world situations

E-commerce Stores

Password protect customer-specific or premium products for standard buyers. Create private stores for wholesales.

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Online Portfolios

Shield their online portfolios displaying confidential projects. Secure certain parts or the entire portfolio. Grant access to potential clients only.

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WordPress Extranets

Build an extranet to share information with remote teams, suppliers, partners, customers, clients, or any other external parties.

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Invitation Codes

Grant users access to special events via invitation codes. These codes will expire based on date, clicks, a period of time, and user roles.

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Consultant Profiles

Protect consultant profiles with passwords. Allow only clients or members to view the profiles. Lock new profiles with a password automatically.

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Online Business Proposals

Create and secure your online business proposals with Elementor and PPWP Pro. Send quick access links to your prospects to access the private proposals instead of PDF files.

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Restricted Events

Set-up invite-only events on your WordPress site easily. Grant access to paying members.

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Family Blogs

Allow only family members and friends to access photos as well as stories. Stay connected with members living far away from home.

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Internal Communication

Limit access to your internal website. Make it easy for you to set goals, keep track of projects, and stay connected with your employees.

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Real-estate booklets

Allow authorized real estate affiliates to access your private online affiliate resource guide only. Customize password form effortlessly.

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Downloadable Files

Wrap your giveaways embedded in pages and posts in a password form. Users with the correct passwords are able to unlock and download the file.

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Training Materials

Restrict access to your intellectual property like course materials, resources, forums.

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Supplementary Teacher Training

Protect supplementary teacher training materials with unlimited passwords effortlessly. Enable only authorized professionals to access them.

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Online Bookstores

Sell password protected ebooks via WooCommerce or Gravity Forms. Restrict file access to users with a password only. Prevent unauthorized file sharing and downloads.

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Underdevelopment & Staging Sites

Keep unauthorized users off your underdevelopment websites. Give freelance developers temporary access.

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Online Seminars

Password protect your seminar page with over 20,000 unique passwords. Include the password to the seminar ticket. Expire the password after one-time usage to prevent password fraud and sharing.

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