Password Protect WooCommerce Product Tabs

If you’re selling your products or services via WooCommerce, you might want to protect the WooCommerce product tab for security purposes.

Whether you want to protect the content or files under a WooCommerce tab, our plugins can help.

Protect content under WooCommerce tab


Simply wrap your content with our [ppwp] shortcode as below.

[ppwp passwords= "password1 password2"] Your content [/ppwp]

Protect files under WooCommerce tab


Even when you’ve password protected the content under your product tab, embedded files will still be accessible to anyone with the file URLs.

Step 1: Add file URL to Smart Restriction dashboard and protect it with one password.

Step 2: Embed file into WooCommerce tab using <iframe> tag.

<iframe src="your-file-URL"></iframe>

Check out our demo to see it in action.

Lasted updated on April 13, 2021