Password Protect Entire WordPress Site

If you’re building up content for your new website and feel like it’s not ready to publish yet, you might want to password protect the whole site. It means that visitors are required to enter a password whenever visiting any pages on your website. Once they input the right one, they can access any page without restriction.

In this article, we will walk you through some simple steps on how to achieve that with the Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) plugin.

How to password protect the entire site

Step 1: Locate the PPWP Settings Page and switch to “Entire Site” tab

Step 2: Enable the “Password Protect Entire Site” option and set a password, then click “Save Changes”

Once done, open a random page and you will see a password form as shown below:

After creating the whole site password successfully, you will be given 2 options to:

  • (1) Set a new password

As a result, those who have access to your website via the previous password have to re-enter the password again.

But even if you do not change the password, visitors only access your site until cookies expire, which is set up under Cookies Expiration Time option.

  • (2) Exclude some pages from site-wide protection

It will become useful if you need to show a notification to visitors, for example, a date that your website will be published, or the reason why the rest of website are protected and how to get the password.

We also provide an option named “Homepage”, which means your main site,, for example.

Even though the password site-wide protection feature is available in both Free and Pro versions, you have to upgrade to PPWP Pro to exclude specific pages from it.

Lasted updated on July 1, 2019