Password Protect Categories, Child Pages, and Multiple Pages

Password Protect Multiple Pages, Child Pages, and Categories

Want to password protect numerous pages, posts, or custom post types at the same time, with the same password?

Yes, you don't have to secure them individually anymore!

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Lock multiple pages and posts with a single password

Our PPWP Pro allows you to quickly secure multiple pages of any post types simultaneously.

  • Restrict access to any posts at the same time
    Select different posts across different post types and protect them in one place
  • Save your time securing individual pages
    Auto-protect multiple pages and posts instead of setting passwords one by one
  • Enhance user experience with one password
    Forget passwords no longer! Users will need just one password to access that entire group of content.
    For category and private page protection, users will still need to enter passwords for each page though. Otherwise, consider using master passwords or Group protection.

Restrict access to parent pages and all sub-pages

Password protect a parent page as well as its child and grandchild pages at the same time.

  • Protect all child pages with a single or multiple passwords
    Auto-shield child pages according to their parent protection status. Assign the same passwords to all sub-pages effortlessly.
  • Unlock child pages automatically
    Unlock one page and the rest of the parent-child pages will become accessible. Users don’t have to re-enter passwords to view every page.
  • Manage all child pages passwords together
    Create and expire passwords of all child pages at once by editing its expiry date and usage limits on parent page

Password protect all posts from any category

Once a category is locked, all its posts will be automatically protected.

  • Quickly create private content areas for premium users
    Password protect specific categories within an otherwise public WordPress site
  • Save your time securing related posts and sub-categories individually
    Secure all posts under a particular category instantaneously with just a single click

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