Online Portfolios

Online portfolios prove critical to designers’ success. An awesome design portfolio helps you attract new clients as well as impressing potential employers.

For some credential projects that involve you signing NDAs, you’re not allowed to show them to the public. What’s more, some companies prefer unique designs that shouldn’t be published or seen elsewhere. That’s why sometimes you may not want all types of people to see your portfolios.

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro enables you, as creative professionals, to shield your sample projects with one or multiple passwords. As a result, only clients with correct passwords can view your private portfolios.

You can even grant them temporary access to your password protected portfolios. Clients just need to click on a link and access your portfolios without having to enter passwords.

Just want to secure a specific section inside an otherwise public portfolio? Simply wrap this part with our PPWP shortcode. This helps prevent unauthorized users from stalking your confidential projects. Our plugin even supports top WordPress page builders through our built-in UI block. You don’t have to use the complicated shortcode to password protect private sections of your portfolios.

Install PPWP Pro and start password protecting certain sections or your entire portfolio!