Family Blogs

You want a place to post private pictures and diary entries online so that you can easily share and communicate with your family and friends? Look no further! A password protected WordPress site is your way to go.

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro restricts your entire albums, pictures, and content with passwords. Only family members with the correct passwords are able to unlock the website. You can then show baby photos and daily stories to members living far away from your family.

It’s more convenient compared to membership sites which you have to create member accounts. People don’t have to register or enter both emails and passwords. The ultra-cool is that you can allow specific family members or friends to view your family blog without having to enter passwords.

Each family member with a different password can be redirected to a specific page. You can surprise them by creating a gorgeous birthday celebration page or a post giving wishes for a new baby. Once entering the password, they will see this page first.

You may want to go further and protect your family photos against Google indexing and direct access with our Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold.