Invitation Code Contains Access

Oftentimes, you create a lot of special events on your website for the purposes of customer appreciation or celebrating specific occasions. In fact, you want to restrict these events’ access to customers who receive the invitation codes only.

What is an invitation code used for?

There are many occasions when invitation codes come in handy. It could be a competition on a first-come-first-served basis. For example, only the first 111 users can get secret codes to enter. Or you can hold a private “last-minute deal” which has a generous sale and send out unlimited promo codes that will expire after a certain period of time.

If you plan to host a campaign to promote a new product e.g. an e-book or an online course, giving away free products can help attract more potential customers and increase your brand image as well. You just need to limit the number of giveaways by sending a limited number of promotional codes to targeted customers only.

What’s more, an unexpected win always strikes customers. Running a Prize Draw and sending award codes to the winners for some special offers is another brilliant way to interact with valued customers.

How to Deliver Successful Events on Your Site

Creating those events will be a thorn in your side unless you get support from the right tools. Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro will solve all the problems relating to invitation code creation and management. What’s left for you is to come up with interesting promotions.

Auto-Generate Multiple Invitation Codes

An invitation code acts in the same way as a password. With the PPWP Pro plugin, generating unlimited multiple passwords for different customers and different content has never been easier.

Besides, PPWP Pro allows you to set optional usage limits and expiration dates for each password. This means you have total control over the accessibility of your users in every aspect.

Restrict Access to the Event Links

Once you set passwords for certain pages, posts, or custom post types, your contents become protected.

In other words, anyone trying to access them with the original link will see a form requiring them to enter the password or the invitation code.

In addition, the plugin lets you expire your passwords based on clicks, days, and even restrict access to password-protected content based on user roles. This gives you powerful control over your codes.

Customize Message Form to Match The Events

PPWP Pro enables you to customize the password form to whatever makes sense to your events. Instead of showing a boring default message like “Please enter the password”, you can make it more specific and interesting.

Take “Congrats! To view your prize, please enter the given password,” or “Hurry up! You’re one of the very last customers who can access the event. Please enter the provided code” as some examples.

What are you still waiting for? Install Password Protect WordPress Pro now because it’s time to tell customers how happy you are to have them.