Online Seminars

Make money from seminars

Seminars come as a great business model for edupreneurs who are entrepreneurs working within education sector. Not only do you provide learners with the opportunity to learn new things easily but you can also invest in your own business while sharing your expertise.

On top of that, you can recoup your costs and potentially earn from hundred-thousands to millions of dollars per year by selling tickets to seminars.

In fact, starting a seminar business is not an easy task. Neither is sustaining it. One of the toughest challenges of offline seminars lies in attracting attendees. Most popular seminar providers also find it hard to reach a vast number of learners. Even for those interested in the course, factors like schedules, distance, or financial constraints can prevent them from joining it.

So, it’s time to shift to online delivery.

Offer online seminars using WordPress

An online webinar reduces your stress and benefits your business in many ways. Firstly, there is no limitation on the number of attendees allowed. Anyone can buy a ticket and join your course. You’re able to scale up and reach thousands of new learners.

Edupreneurs love holding online seminars due to the streamlined and automatic business process too. The on-site content makes it simple for you to promote and create sales funnels.

On top of that, your learners will receive much more effective learning experiences. They can join the course at any time without being at the mercy of an offline class schedule.

When thinking of the tool to create and sell online seminars, WordPress is worth your consideration. Trusted by over one-third of site owners on the web, it proves to be the easiest and most popular CMS for your seminar business.

You can create the course content and put it in a protected WordPress page. Only those with the right permissions like specific roles or the correct password can unlock this page and view your webinar.

Sell tickets to password protected seminars

The normal process of selling tickets to seminars can take you a lot of time and effort. You have to:

  • Create a whole membership website
  • Force users to create an account when buying tickets
  • Require them to enter both email and password to attend the course

To simplify the process, you might want to secure your seminar page with passwords only to protect it against the public.

Participants can purchase your seminar tickets via WooCommerce or by submitting a form. Then, you generate a unique password and include it on the ticket to unlocking the page. As a result, the learner can get the password on the ticket and access the seminar page with ease.

How Password Protect WordPress Pro helps

Password Protect WordPress Pro relieves your headache with a simple solution. The plugin allows you to secure your seminar page with multiple passwords.

You don’t have to think of ways to strengthen your passwords since PPWP Pro takes responsibility. You can auto-generate a unique password with just a single click in a modern and friendly-UI management popup. With the capability of creating over 20,000 passwords, having so many learners is no longer a problem now.

Each buyer will receive a strong and unique password when purchasing the ticket. They can use this password and view the seminar content without any hassle.

Prevent password leaks

You’re worried about password fraud and sharing? Users might send the password to their relatives and friends so that these people can access your seminar without paying anything.

To prevent this, just limit the password usage to one-time only. Hence, once an attendee enters the password and attends the course, his code couldn’t be used again.

What’s more, it’s possible for you to expire your passwords after a certain date. It best fits seminars that take place in more than one day. You can automatically disable all the passwords right after the course finishes.

Follow these 3 steps to protect online seminars on your WordPress site:

  • Create a seminar on a WordPress page and sell tickets to learners
  • Provide a unique password on the ticket to accessing the protected seminar page
  • Expire the password after one-time usage to stop password sharing