Internal Communication

When your businesses get larger and larger, looking for a solution to keep your operation more organized becomes necessary.

You can create a private website to set goals and rules, manage projects, and allow employees to communicate with each other.

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro makes it easy for you to build a private community for your business. Once the entire website is password protected, only employees with the correct passwords are able to access it.

You can protect business reports as well as transactions with clients from unauthorized users. On top of that, visitors won’t see your private site on any search results page.

Each person with a different password could be redirected to a specific landing page. The company’s announcements or regulations are a case in point. After your employees unlock the private website, you can redirect them to these pages first before letting them view project pages.

Hundreds of business owners have trusted PPWP Pro for their business internal communication. Now it’s your turn!