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Group Password Protection

PPWP Group Protection extension allows you to group and password protect certain WordPress pages, posts, and custom post types together.


Password protect groups of WordPress content with ease

Instead of having to password protect specific pages individually, our extension allows you to create a group of related content, and then protect them simultaneously.

  • Create as many groups as you'd like to
  • Select content to protect by simply searching for the post title or content.
  • Set unlimited passwords for a particular group
  • Deactivate and delete a group with a single click. Once deactivated, all posts on that group will become unprotected

Protect a mix of pages, posts and custom post types together

Our extension password protects not only pages, posts but also custom post types, such as WooCommerce Products. Unlike other password protected plugins allowing you to protect one post type at a time, our extension lets you group multiple pages, posts, and custom posts together.

Group Protection: protect mix content

You can easily recognize which post is protected and which group they belong to.

Manage group passwords in one place

With a friendly and intuitive interface, the extension enables you to set multiple passwords for one group and manage them in one place. You can create new, (de)activate, expire, or even delete passwords by one click.

Unlock all protected content at once with one password

Group all your private content and protect them with the same passwords. Once visitors enter the right password to one page belonging to the group, they will be able to access the rest of the pages without re-entering the password.

PPWP Group Protection Status

Allow specific roles to access the private area directly

Some particular roles as administrators will be able to see all these private groups directly without entering passwords. You can also allow the post's author to bypass password protection from the front-end.

Allow users to bypass password protection for a period of time

Once entering the correct password, users will be able to access all content belonging to that particular group. They won't have to re-enter password until the cookies expire.

Set parent-child relationship between groups

Share and unlock content easily across multiple groups with parent-child relationships. Passwords of parent groups can unlock child groups automatically.

While a group may have one or many parents, there is only one child group.

Note: A post is locked with passwords when being protected either by Group or the normal password protection feature provided by our PPWP Pro plugin.

Unlock partial sitewide protection

Allows you to unlock your sitewide protection partially. When users enter a correct partial sitewide password, only certain selected content will be unlocked, and not the entire site.

This come in useful when you want different users to access different content of your private site.

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WordPress: 4.6 or higher
PPWP Lite: or higher
PPWP Pro: or higher
PHP:  5.8 or higher

Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.3.1
License: As per your PPWP license

Your extension license is tied to your Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro license. So please use the same email when purchasing PPWP Pro and this extension.