Supplementary Teacher Training

The rapid growth of digital technology has led to a change in educational methods. One of the significant movements that shouldn’t be missed out on is the revolution from traditional to online teaching.

With this movement, students can access knowledge even at home, so can teachers. To simplify the management process, all supplementary teacher training materials are encouraged to be uploaded to online servers.

For internal purposes, online supplementary teacher training saves education associations a lot of time on sending every training document to teachers. As such, whenever a teacher joins the program, they only need a link to access all the online teaching materials. Hence, managers no longer have to send everything manually. On top of that, online storage prevents documents from missing.

In another circumstance, supplementary teacher training materials are compiled by professionals for commercial purposes. Now, teachers who want to view them have to make payment to get access permission.

At this point, there comes an issue of how supplementary teacher training owners can protect their content. It’s when Password Protect WordPress comes in handy.

PPWP Pro supports you in making your supplementary teacher training private. What’s more, you can limit access by timing or usage based on your needs.

Protect Parent-Child Pages

PPWP Pro plugin allows you to restrict access to your teaching materials by passwords.

If you don’t want to protect the entire website, you can use PPWP Pro to secure a group of pages or posts. You can protect the parent page and its child pages according to your needs. When teachers type the correct password to unlock your parent page, the following child pages will be automatically unlocked, too.

Hence, your website will remain public except for certain protected pages.

Protect Teaching Materials by User Roles

PPWP Pro also allows you to restrict access to specific user roles of your WordPress website. Only these roles will be able to access your protected content by entering a password. The rest won’t be able to see the content at all.

Bypass Password Protected Content

When you intend to grant access to your protected teaching materials, the PPWP Pro can help. To do that, you need to get the quick access link of your content then send it to specific users. Then, teachers won’t have to enter any passwords to view the teaching materials.

Set Multi Passwords for Protected Content

You can generate multiple passwords for the same content and send it to different users. The password tracking feature assists you in identifying which passwords are used the most. Along with that, you can know who accessed your content by the provided passwords.

Auto-deactivate Passwords by Usage or Time

PPWP Pro allows you to set a limited time that a password can be used. With a  simple setting, your passwords can be auto-deactivated after pre-set usage or a period of time.

So, there’s no need to manually check if any teacher is no longer in your program.

Install PPWP Pro and start password protecting your supplementary teaching training today!