Online Bookstores

More and more people are now purchasing books on the Internet rather than taking time to visit a physical bookstore which could be miles away from where they live. Since customer shopping habits have changed, online bookstores have now rapidly replaced the traditional ones. This has created a wonderful opportunity for online book sellers or anyone interested in running an online book shop.

Setting Up Your Online Bookstores

To get started with the book selling business, you will need a collection of books belonging to a variety of genres to meet your customer’s diverse demand and gain competitive advantage. Plus, your bookstore needs to look attractive to the consumers and more importantly, simple and easy to navigate. Obviously, you need to ensure that your customers do not spend too much time loading the website or proceeding with their purchases.

It’s risky to sell and buy anything online, especially when it comes to intellectual properties like books. There could be some limited editions that are not easy to obtain and you have to invest a lot of money to make them available for your own store. Hence, those books must be protected from unauthorized sharing and wide distribution.

As a result, the security of your book files, which are usually in PDF formats, should be the number one priority when you decide to start the business, no matter big or small.

Selling and Protecting Your Valuable Resources

Ideally, you will need to set up your website in a way that facilitates your visitors’ buying process. You will need to protect both files and content on your website so that after customers purchase the book, they will be given a password to access and download the books. Sounds simple, right?

Let’s hop into the part and discover what needs to be done to help you effortlessly achieve this.

Protecting Files from Download with Prevent Direct Access Gold

To keep your files safe from online piracy, first you need the Watermark WordPress Files plugin to embed PDF documents directly into WordPress content with a cool PDF viewer. This plugin also works with Amazon S3 extension to support embedding and protecting PDF files hosted on AWS S3 bucket. How efficient!

Then comes the most important part – protecting your ebooks from file sharing and downloads. The Prevent Direct Access Gold plugin will save you from the risk of revenue losses. It’s working the PDF viewer to prevent average users and most popular tools from downloading your original PDF files.

Now you can rest assured that your precious files are secure, let’s move on to the most exciting part – selling and making money!

Password Protect Your WordPress Content

Before you start selling books, spend a few minutes to password protect your content. There are many ways but using passwords is the easiest and most effective protection method. The Password Protect WordPress Pro plugin allows you to do so with a single click via a friendly UI.

Selling Password Protected Ebooks

Once your content is safeguarded, you can sell it via WooCommerce or Gravity Forms. Depending on the E-commerce platform you are utilizing, you can send buyers the password to access and download their books shortly after they make the payment. With the help of WooCommerce Integration or Gravity Forms Integration extension, selling online books is at your fingertips.

What if you want to grant buyers direct access to the books without having to enter a password? Yes, it’s totally possible!

By providing them with a quick access link allowing them to view the content immediately and download files after a click, all the hassles will simply slip away.

These links also help facilitate the purchasing process, get straight to the point and give your valued customers what they want with no beating around the bush.

Download Watermark WordPress Files, Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold,  Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro, WooCommerce Integration or Gravity Forms Integration extension to enhance the security of your online bookstore now!