Integrate Password Protect WordPress Pro with PDA Gold Plugin

Whether you’re a blogger or running an online business, there comes a time when you need to secure your WordPress site content. There are various methods to do so and password protection proves useful in many cases. When a page is password protected, only those with the correct passwords can access the content.

What does Password Protect WordPress Pro has to offer?

Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro plugin helps secure your WordPress pages, posts, and even the entire site with passwords. You can not only protect your content with multiple passwords but also secure multiple pages with the same password.

However, similar to other password protection plugins, Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro doesn’t protect your file uploads. They’re still accessible to the general public. Unauthorized users can easily find your file attachments directly on Google and other search engines, and so, download them directly without having any passwords.

Even worse, those with the correct passwords could come in and share these files publicly too. Unsecured digital files and products damage your revenue and business significantly.

That’s why you should protect file uploads along with your content as well.

How can Prevent Direct Access Gold help?

Prevent Direct Access Gold blocks unwanted users from direct access to private files embedded in your password protected content.

Users can't look up these files via Google and other search results. Even if they somehow manage to get the file URLs, they won’t be able to access them directly. Protected files are only accessible to some specific roles with the right access permission. Basically, users have to sign in to download them.

Problems with Password Protecting Content and Securing Files Separately

You can protect both your content and files with Password Protect WordPress Pro and Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold respectively, right?

The thing is the 2 plugins are using different protection mechanisms. First, users have to enter a password to unlock the premium content. Then, they need to log in to view protected file attachments.

What if there’s a solution that helps password protect both your content and files while users don't have to use an account to access files.

How to Integrate PPWP Pro with PDA Gold

Ideally, users with the correct passwords will be able to access both content and protected file uploads altogether. They shouldn't have to log in after entering the password.

Fortunately, these 2 plugins can work seamlessly with each together through the so-called "cookie token".

As long as users enter the correct passwords, a cookie token will be stored on their browser. That token grants them temporary access to the protected files, which is otherwise protected against unauthorized users.

Ready to Protect both Content and File Attachments?

It’s necessary to secure not only your WordPress content but also your media files so that your important documents and images won't leak out.

Install PPWP Pro and PDA Gold now to protect both your content and files with ease!

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WordPress: 5.0 or higher
PPWP Pro: 1.1.2 or higher
PDA Gold: 3.1.0 or higher
PHP: 5.6 or higher