PPWP Pro Membership


Normally $199.9
billed annually
  • Get 3 most popular extensions
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • Check Pro license usage
  • Access to Private Facebook community
  • Switch license on multiple sites
  • 1 year of priority support
  • Live chat 1-on-1 support
  • Access to future extensions


Normally $869.9


billed annually
  • Get all available extensions
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • Check Pro license usage
  • Access to Private Facebook community coming soon
  • Switch license on multiple sites coming soon
  • 1 year of priority support
  • Live chat 1-on-1 support
  • Access to all future extensions



Normally $499.9


billed annually
  • Get 5 most popular extensions
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • Check Pro license usage
  • Access to Private Facebook community coming soon
  • Switch license on multiple sites coming soon
  • 1 year of priority support
  • Live chat 1-on-1 support
  • Access to future extensions


* Purchasing each extension individually would cost up to $600 in total.
However, if you prefer to buy an extension individually you can do so from the extension page.


Our membership plans do not include any PPWP Pro license.
What's more, you cannot access the membership area without a Pro license.

Compare Pro Membership Plans

See which extended features are included in each membership

Multisite Integration - $52.9
Password Statistics - $49.9

Password Suite - $69.9

Access Levels - $49.7
Group Protection - $69.9
Smart Restriction - $69.9

WooCommerce Integration - $69.9
Forms Integration - $59.9

Passwordless Authentication - $49.9

ActiveCampaign Integration - $49.9

Mailchimp Integration - $49.9

PayPal Integration

Brute Force Protection

ACF Integration

Check Pro license usage View and manage all sites on which your Pro license is installed & activated.
Access to Private Facebook Community - worth $99.9 Join our private & premium community to connect with other talented developers, designers, website owners and spread the word about your own brand.
Switch Pro license across multiple sites - worth $69.9 No need to upgrade your Pro license, use our Pro plugin & its extensions on any sites you want. It would be handy if you want to use the license on both staging and live sites, or change your site's domain.
Get 1-on-1 Live Chat Support
- worth $99.9/hour Contact our technical support experts directly to troubleshoot your site's issues. We support minor customizations as well as providing tips & tricks to improve your website UI & performance.
Priority Elite Support As an Elite member, you will get the top-notch & fastest support from our team. We will also prioritize your feature requests that match our product roadmap and vision.
TOTAL VALUES$272.6$1,491.8++$661.8++
MEMBERSHIP PRICEOnly $169.9Only $459.9
Only $349.9

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro Membership for?

PPWP Pro membership is best suited for all Pro customers who want to:

  • Access PPWP Pro extensions (add-ons)
  • Save big with discounts on all future add-on purchases
  • Manage all sites in which they have entered PPWP Pro license and switch license among them
  • Get Priority Support
    • Contact our experts directly via Facebook or Slack
    • One-to-one chat support
    • Troubleshoot the website's issues, provide minor customization totally free of charge
Is there any requirement to use these extensions?

First of all, you should already have a PPWP Pro license.

Besides, some extensions help integrate PPWP Pro with other plugins/platform. So you have to install these plugins first. For example, to use PPWP Forms Integration, you have to use one contact form plugin, e.g. Gravity Forms.

Finally, you'd need to spend some time to learn our awesome features 😉

Do these plugins work with WordPress.com or multisite network?

Yes, PPWP Pro and its extensions do work well on both WordPress.com & WordPress multisite network. As for WordPress.com, you will need a Business plan that allows 3rd-party plugins like ours to be installed.

How many sites can I activate these extensions on?

The number of sites on which you can use our extensions depends on your PPWP Pro license. For instance, if you've got a 15-site Pro license, you can activate and use its extensions on 15 sites as well.

Do I have to add a license key for each extension?

No, you don't. Our extensions can be activated automatically without entering any license keys. All you need to do is to use the same email when purchasing our membership and PPWP Pro plugin.

What about future extensions?

Once you become our member, you will be able to access any new extensions as long as your license is active.

You can also suggest which features should be developed next. Those requested by our members will be prioritized by our Dev team.

Can I transfer/resell my membership to others?

No, this won’t be possible. The membership subscription is linked to your email address and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

I've signed up for a Pro Membership plan, what should I do next?

Please log in to your Membership area using the account created when you got the PPWP Pro plugin to download your extensions.

When does my membership expire?

Your membership will be active for 1 year starting from the day you sign up. It’s auto-renewed every year until you cancel your subscription.

Can I upgrade my membership after the initial purchase?

Yes, absolutely! You will only need to pay the price difference between the 2 plans. Please drop us a support ticket to upgrade your membership plan.

Can I cancel my membership subscription?

Of course. You may cancel your membership subscription whenever you want. Our extensions can still be used until your membership license expires.

However, you will no longer have access to the member area & priority support.

Can I request a refund?

While we do provide a 14-day refund policy for individual extension purchase, we don't accept refund for our membership plans.

If you're not sure whether our extensions will help achieve what you want, you should contact us for support or purchase individual extensions instead.

We try our best to develop and deliver the best features and use experience. As a premium member, you can send us requests to develop new features.

What will happen if I don't renew my membership license?

Our membership licenses are subscription-based and auto-renewed yearly.

If you cancel your subscription, you may still use the extensions but will not receive updates or support once your license expires.

Do you offer a renewal discount?

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations from our 3rd-party vendor, we can’t issue discounts for annual subscriptions.

The good news is that even if our pricing increases in the future, you’ll only have to pay the same price as your initial purchase to maintain your subscription. This is one of the benefits that our existing customers will get.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards supported by our payment partner Stripe including but not limited to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

What other uses are saying about PPWP Pro

Pro Membership Review

Great Plugin

“The support for this plugin is top notch.I can’t tell you how much this plugin has helped me streamline some access processes".

- Bryn Howlett

Pro Membership Review: Robb

Fantastic software! Made my business come alive

“This is a fantastic plug-in. It’s stable, super-easy to install and use, and amazingly powerful.".

- Robb Lightfoot

User friendly
& Easy to Use

“Tried it and was totally glad that I did. This is so user friendly with more functionality when compared to other competitors plugins I tried. 2 Thumbs Up!".

- labapps (@labapps)

Awesome plugin and support

“Using this plugin suite to make it more convenient for Salesforce to access secure information without having to type or remember or maintain pesky passwords. Not only does this plugin do the job but their support on it was fantastic.".

- Joel H Herrera

So Impressed!

“I'm blown away by the level of support – they are polite, helpful, patient, thorough, good at explaining… and the plugin does its thing!".

- Adnicul

Great plugin

“Plugin does exactly what I needed to do! I emailed support looking for help with one element and within 2 weeks, they’d developed a solution in the plugin and emailed to tell me. Really impressed!".

- colleenreid0