Set Master Passwords to Unlock All Protected Content

Set Master Passwords for Protected Content

Set "master" passwords for all protected pages, posts, and custom post types globally. Enter master passwords once and access all other protected content at the same time.

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Define powerful master passwords

Master passwords apply for the content that is already protected before. They do not enable password protection for every post automatically.

  • You no longer have to set passwords for each page individually
  • Even when the existing passwords are removed, global passwords will still be working for any protected content
  • Users can also view the private content using the existing passwords

Unlock all protected content at once

The most powerful solution to grant users access to all private pages and posts with a single password:

  • Save user time of unlocking individual pages or posts
    Your users will only have to enter the password one time and be able to access every protected post. This improves the user experience on your site.
  • Avoid remembering a lot of passwords
    Master passwords are perfect for those who need to access many private pages. Instead of having to remember plenty of passwords, users can simply use master passwords to open all secure content at the same time.

Take full control over your master passwords

Create and manage your master passwords efficiently with our friendly UI:

  • Stop password sharing via usage limits and auto-expiration
    Master passwords can be set to auto-expire after a certain usage or a period of time
  • Manage global passwords efficiently
    • Create unlimited global passwords and manage them in one place
    • Generate a password for one or multiple post types simultaneously
    • Remove or edit global passwords with a few simple clicks

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