Set Multiple Passwords Per Roles

Set Unlimited Passwords Per Post

Secure a single post or page with multiple passwords. Allow specific roles to unlock the protected content. Grant users automatic access to private pages and posts, and much more.

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Generate multiple passwords for any posts

PPWP Pro makes it easy for you to create as many passwords as you'd like to. You can even set passwords to certain user roles.

  • Manage all passwords in one place
    Create and view all passwords without going into the post's edit screen
  • Create unlimited custom passwords
    Auto-generate random and difficult-to-guess passwords to prevent hackers from guessing and obtaining access to your content. Customize your own passwords so that it's more memorable to your users.
    Random password: 8575f26ae274
    Custom password: this-is-my-password
  • Input multiple passwords at once
    Quickly enter multiple passwords - by roles or global, at the same time

Password protect by user roles

Set passwords to certain user roles to better protect your content from unauthorized users.

  • Set multiple passwords for a user role
  • Set one password for multiple user roles

This feature comes in useful when you have a membership site in place where you want to protect your private content against the public, and at the same time, allow certain members to access them.

Do more with your passwords

Create and manage your passwords efficiently with our friendly UI

  • Limit the password usages automatically
    Expire your passwords by clicks and/or within a period of time to stop users from sharing them uncontrollably. Only "active" passwords can be used to access your protected content.
  • Track password usage
    Keep track of how many times each password has been used. You can even track the time when each password is entered, together with the IP address and browser used with our Statistics extension.
  • Deactivate & delete multiple passwords
    Deactivate or delete multiple passwords within seconds with our "Bulk actions" function