4 Ways to Enable WordPress Maintenance Mode

When implementing big changes to your site’s design and content, or fixing a security issue, it’s necessary to take your site down. To prevent users from seeing a broken website, you should cover it with a maintenance mode page telling visitors why the site is offline and when you expect it to be live again….

How to Create a WordPress Intranet Site


Rapid business growth appears to be the main objective of every company. However, scaling your business takes considerable effort. Apart from getting around sales and marketing, you have more internal tasks to handle, from setting business goals and rules to classifying teams and motivating employees. Then, it’s time to think of an internal communication network…

Which Pages Should I Noindex or Nofollow?


Many marketers and website owners put a lot of effort into getting their pages ranked well on Google search results. To do that, these pages must be indexed and available on the search engines. However, there are some pages that you need to noindex as they help nothing or simply exist to meet the regulation…

11 Most Popular Types of Captcha

You may find the term “captcha” strange and technical, in fact, this term has been a part of your daily experience on the internet for a long time. You certainly come across captchas many times while creating an account, logging in, leaving a comment, downloading a file or resetting the password on many websites. Different…

2 Ways to Protect Partial WordPress Content

Running 34% of the entire internet, WordPress is considered as the biggest Content Management System in the world. You own a WordPress site, then your site is a sitting target of spammers and hackers. That’s why the term “content protection” becomes more and more common. There are a number of solutions that can handle the…

WooCommerce Product and Store Visibility


Considered as the most popular plugin to create WordPress e-commerce websites, WooCommerce is empowering over 28% of all online stores at the moment. The plugin makes selling any types of products and services quicker and easier. On top of that, WooCommerce can be seamlessly extended with 3rd-party email marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software….

Top 7 Plugins for Making WordPress Site Private


You sometimes want to limit your WordPress site content visibility to only certain people such as admins and logged-in users. There are many reasons for doing so. To take one example, you can create a private classroom website for only registered students to view training materials. Limited access websites also come in useful to share…