Top 11 WPBakery Page Builder Addons for WordPress

WPBakery Page Builder is a WordPress plugin to create pages on your site. It also equips your pages with extra plugins, so you can create more advanced pages. WPBakery is becoming more and more popular. Today, over 1 million WordPress websites are using WPBakery Page Builder.

WPBakery Page Builder allows you to generate highly modern pages on your site. This plugin enables you to test the created page designs in different browsers. So you can make sure they work equally well on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Plus, the plugin brings you the saving template feature. You can save the template of the existing design to apply it later on another page or on the same page. In this way, you will reduce the time for creating different designs.

In case the search engine optimization is your concern, the plugin also works at this point. You can even get better results if you use WPBakery Page Builder addons.

Do You Really Need a Page Builder Plugin?

Page builder is a valuable tool for site owners alike. This has led to a tremendous increase in the use of page builder plugins over the past few years.

Having a WordPress site is very easy. However, things get a little complicated when you want to make a new page design or a page template.

In such cases, it requires you to create a theme and know how to code your new template. This means that you must have advanced coding knowledge. If not, you should get help from an expert, which may cost a bit.

To get rid of this without investing too much time and money, you can benefit from page builders. Page builder plugins are very handy that a non-tech savvy person can utilize.


In addition, with these plugins, you will have modern and stylish pages and give users a unique experience. Once users are satisfied, they visit the site again and stay longer, which positively affects SEO and site performance. Consider this potential when making the decision to install any plugin.

To better understand the plugins and take advantage of all these benefits, let’s move on to our review of the 11 best WPBakery page builder addons.

There are both paid and free options. Although most of them are paid versions, free add-ons to suit your needs are quite popular. Here are some tools for your specific purposes and budget.

#1 Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro


PPWP Pro is a great companion that most WordPress users find effective when combining them together. The plugin is gaining its prestige when using passwords to protect page, post, custom post type, etc. On top of that, it’s well compatible with top page builders including WPBakery, Divi, and Elementor.

You’re more than free to customize password forms and messages on your protected content on WPBakery. No more boring and unattractive design, you can now style up the password form to match your brand. From headline, color, background, button to description, and even placeholder can be handled easily.

Key Features

  • You can protect page, post, custom post type, entire site, WooCommerce shop, etc. with a single or multiple passwords.
  • It allows you to password protect content sections using the WPBakery element.
  • You are allowed to customize password forms and error messages to your liking.
  • PPWP Pro enables you to grant password-protected content access to specific user roles.
  • You can also bypass your password protected content.


You can install PPWP Lite for free in the WordPress plugin repository. The Pro version costs you from $178.80 to $382.80 annually according to your needs.


#2 Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


Ultimate Addons is one of the most popular WPBakery Page Builder addons. It is among the highest-rated addons because it best meets the site owners’ demands. By offering different design options, it encourages you to provide users with a good time on your site.

Not only can you set up great designs, but you can also discover the plugin’s functions to highlight the most popular products, services, and features on your site. It’s able to add simple icon images and other preferred elements to your page.

Key Features

  • There is a real-time icon search.
  • Multilayer hover and vertical and horizontal parallax are available.
  • It is available to set up the fixed image background and video background.
  • You can customize your own icon fonts.


Ultimate Addons does not introduce a free plan. You can own the premium features of the extension with a 6-month support for $26. You can extend the support up to 12 months by paying an extra $7.88.


#3 Livemesh Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


Livemesh Addons for WPBakery Page Builder can be installed quickly. It lets you create a professional website with many advanced widgets.

The Pro version has many features such as team profile counters, charts, tabs, accordions, transitions, and pricing plans.

With this plugin, you can turn your site into a beautifully designed and professional site. You can do this in a very short time using the drag-and-drop feature.

Key Features

  • You can set up the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • A stunning grid of videos is possible to create.
  • It is possible to show all the team members on your page.


The plugin has a free plan and paid plans. You can choose from 3 paid plans to enjoy advanced features. By paying $29, you can experience the Single Plan features on a single site. You can pay $59 per year to use the features on 5 sites, or $99 on up to 25 sites.


#4 Mega Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


Mega Addons for WPBakery Page Builder is the most comprehensive WPBakery plugin on the market with over 32 addons. This allows you to build a professional site. Your site will be very user-friendly, stylish, and professional looking with the features it provides.

You can disable the spare widgets, adjust your site speed with the disable feature, and enable/disable individual elements. This, as a result, makes your site faster.

Once installing the Mega extension, you can handle page creation in a much shorter time. While designing your page, you can follow the market trends and stay up to date with the Mega extension. Various image editing widgets can be found in this extension.

Key Features

  • Banner information can be displayed.
  • You can design your site with important hover effects.
  • An icon box with a customized font icon can be added.
  • Multiple images and text can be added to the page.


Mega Addons has a Lite Version. You can have premium features of the extension with 6-month support for $19. You can extend the support up to 12 months by paying an extra $5.25.


#5 Extensive VC Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


Extensive VC Plugins for WPBakery Page Builder plugin is another extension with which you can create stylish designs. You can add responsive and adaptable shortcode elements to your website using this extension. Thus, you can improve the site’s visual appearance and functionality.

This plugin also lets you create classic interactive infographics and typography designs. It offers a variety of widgets to help your site look more professional. These include the blog list widget, marquee widget, contact form 7 widget, and custom post type widget. In the elements section of the header, it provides a large number of shortcodes.

Key Features

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.
  • There are various useful widgets.


Comprehensive VC Addons is available for free with lifetime support.

#6 Clever Mega Menu for WPBakery Page Builder


Clever Mega Menu for WPBakery is a popular WPBakery page builder addon. You can design pages and create websites that have a sophisticated aesthetic thanks to the plugin’s customizable features.

No programming experience is required. The tool has a wide range of widgets and nearly everything you expect in the menu. Thus, you can customize the navigation menu according to your preferences.

The plugin opens the door for users to access multiple menus that host many different themes. This way, your users can make multiple menus on the page you’ve customized, enhancing the user experience.

Key Features

  • Different menu layouts can be created.
  • Advanced menu widgets are available.
  • CSS3 meta tags and CSS3 transition effects are available.
  • Custom menu views can be created.


Clever Mega Addons has both free and premium plans. The premium version costs $35 with 6 months of support. You can enjoy 12 months of support by paying $11.25 more.


#7 All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


All In One Addons gives you a wide range of extra features that eases the website building process.

The plugin contains banner creation, where you can embed text over your images. You can insert moving pictures to your page and use social icons to show users in a flip style. The plugin accepts creating static text on images and overlaying an animation with flipbook content. Adding animated caption effects to the text is welcomed too.

Key Features

  • Video can be embedded.
  • You can add text to images.
  • You can add images to the slider with animations.
  • Contents can be displayed in tabs.


This is a free addon. It doesn’t provide a premium plan.

#8 Pollen Plugin


Pollen plugin assists you to create stunning pages. It has a library of many ready-made templates. So you can create your pages smoothly, or create the design you want. These beautiful pages will make your website stand out.

Activating ready-made templates, you can create your pages professionally without any HTML, CSS, or code knowledge.

Pollen Plugin has customizable elements. You can install custom icons, change colors, and access an advanced settings panel as well.

Key Features

  • It is fully customizable.
  • Colors can be customized.
  • Custom icons are available.
  • There is an advanced options panel.


It is a completely free plugin and offers lifetime support.

#9 PB Addons for WPBakery Page Builder


It is possible to create beautiful websites using the PB Addons. The addons consist of free plugins and items to create high-quality websites.

With PB Addons, you are able to upload content to your site without any hassles. You can create custom post types that can be used to upload content to your site. These include your services, your customers, your members, and WPBakery video plugins.

This plugin supports your site to load faster on laptops, desktops, and phones. With the clean code and small footprint it contains, users reach your site faster on their phones or desktops.

Key Features

  • There are special animations and images.
  • Ready-made templates are available.
  • Custom post types can be created.


Besides the free plan, the plugin also has paid plans. Paying $29.99, you can get features and lifetime support for 1 site. For $79.99, you can enjoy these features on up to 5 sites.


#10 Composium


After activating Composium, you can add a lot of extra content to your website. The font manager in Composium, which has about 4700 icons, helps you customize your site and its design. It is also user-friendly with a responsive design.

Some of the features it provides include Google fonts and Google maps. In addition, it is very easy to make your designs thanks to the ready-made templates. WooCommerce integration is also available.

Key Features

  • Google maps and Google fonts are available.
  • WooCommerce integration is available.
  • Icon manager is available.
  • 70+ CSS3 animations are available.


At $4.49, you have the Composium extension, which is normally $25, and take advantage of the paid features.


#11 Icons Factory


Another plugin encouraging you to have an impact on the way your site pages are generated is Icons Factory. The most important feature is that you can create graphics for your site, a great way to customize your page. It provides point-and-click animation to raise the appeal of your graphics.

There is a material color picker to repaint images and customize images as well as customize the background. It brings scribbling or adding sticker styles. You can easily make all these adjustments.

The plugin does not let these changes affect the loading time of your website. It does not slow down the loading speed when users open your page. In this respect, it is often preferred.

Key Features

  • You can create unique graphics for your site.
  • It is possible to upload SVG images and image collections.
  • Pure CSS animation is available.
  • Support from the developers is furnished.
  • It has a fully customizable design.


Icons Factory is a completely free addon.

Captivate Users with WPBakery Page Builder Addons

To give your visitors the best experience on your WordPress website, your site should be feature-rich. You can best benefit from fruitful features via the plugins and extensions you install on the site. WPBakery page builder addons help you achieve this. You can get more traffic and run your business more effectively.

Depending on the purpose of your site or the service you offer, there are many plugins, both paid and free. You should choose the one that suits your site best and helps promote your site productively. A well-designed site attracts and keeps users staying longer. This will boost the site higher in searches.

If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.