WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing: 10 Recommended Plugins

WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin assists site developers in simplifying the administrative process. Indeed, it covers changes for multiple variations without obstacles to handling them singularly.

Along with the significant development of the eCommerce industry, speeding up the customized process gains competitive advantages for businesses. For that reason, applying bulk editing plugins releases the burden of proceeding with several product pages.

Specifically, WooCommerce bulk product editing plugins give eCommerce companies full control over their product fields. By updating all products with just a few clicks, they have a better ability to adapt to customers’ demands.

Applying these plugins requires many factors to reach positive results. Stay tuned for the complete guide to installing and using the plugins. In addition, we’ll introduce the top 10 recommended plugins for a faster implementation experience.

Why Should You Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products?

A productive eCommerce platform needs immediacy in delivering product information and processing customers’ purchases. But, it costs you a lot of effort to modify each field manually.

Managing WooCommerce sites asks a noteworthy workload of importing and removing products. To apply the same modification across multiple variations, site admins should consider WooCommerce bulk product editing in their pocket.

Bulk editing allows you to filter products based on categories, information, and product types. To assign similar settings to plenty of products simultaneously, use the default WooCommerce bulk edit or install suitable plugins.

How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products by Default

You can edit WooCommerce products in bulk with the built-in tool. To implement the default bulk editing process, you must be on track with the following steps:

  1. Access the WordPress dashboard, then navigate to ProductsAll Products


2. Select the All option on the left to edit all the products

3. Select Edit in the Bulk Actions drop-down list, then choose Apply


4. Decide the appropriate actions on relevant product fields displayed on the edit screen


You can adjust variations regarding types, categories, comments, prices, stock status, and other options on the edit screen.

But, this default feature does not support complicated product types. That’s where a WooCommerce bulk editor plugin comes in handy.

Core Features of a WooCommerce Bulk Editor Plugin

A common bulk editor plugin provides you with various features to shorten the time for the editing phase.

Edit Bulk Prices

Price appears as one of the factors influencing the customer’s purchase decision the most. So, notifying visitors of the latest sale price or the regular price properly can trigger their purchasing desire effectively.

In that term, the plugin proves its potential to update product bulk prices in the blink of an eye.

Modify Bulk Categories

With plugins’ support, you can instantly assign bulk products to appropriate categories.

Update Bulk Product Descriptions

Products’ descriptions help viewers understand their features and benefits more clearly. To skip the harsh time of manually writing one-by-one descriptions, plugins help add similar texts to all same-niche products.

Adjust Bulk Attributes and Variations

Updating product information will cause you a boring feeling with multiple variations attached to products’ attributes. To relieve the annoyance, run the bulk editing plugin to simultaneously make changes for different variations with easy-to-follow steps.

Besides mentioned features, WooCommerce bulk editor plugins can perform well with:

  • WooCommerce products’ SKU
  • Product images
  • Stock status and quantity
  • Custom fields and product fields

10 Plugins for WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

#1 YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing


The YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing plugin saves your time and effort to edit bulk products. Thus, you can modify similar settings for various products with just a few clicks.

The plugin’s friendly interface allows you to work on multiple product fields. In addition, diverse filter options assist customers in finding the product quickly.

This plugin is available for £69.99/year.

#2 WP Sheet Editor (Free and Pro)


WP Sheet Editor integrates all product information into one sheet for managing bulk actions. Through the interface, you can customize the setting for hundreds of variations painlessly.

The free version offers all basic features for editing product information and other attributes. Meanwhile, the Pro version supports more advanced functions for better bulk editing and searching.

You have to pay $29.99 per year to possess the plugin.

#3 Setary


The Setary plugin is developed with the aim of managing multiple WooCommerce stores and products effectively. You can update product information, status, and price right in a spreadsheet-simulated environment without opening a new screen.

Besides, you can apply the setting to multiple stores by taking simple steps. What’s more, it encourages store owners to manage different platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, to streamline the product system.

With a starting price of $7 a month, you can activate this plugin to manage your products.

#4 Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce


Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce proves its ability to set the sales. In detail, it allows owners to edit sale prices, stock quantities, sale dates, and other values.

With the role filter function, you can manage existing sales and edit bulk product variations in a flash. Also, it supports integrating third-party extensions to edit custom fields.

The plugin is available for $79 with many benefits such as 1-year support, 1-year updates, and 30-day guaranteed refund.

#5 WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit


The WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit plugin releases the burden of editing multiple product variations. In fact, it supports editing bulk built-in fields, third-party custom fields, and adding and removing products.

You can apply this plugin for setting sale prices, stock quantities, up-sell, and cross-sell to adapt to sale strategies. The coolest thing is that all actions can be carried out with just a few clicks.

The regular license to possess this plugin costs you $42. It is $157 for the extended license.

#6 WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Product Manager Professional


This WOOBEE plugin provides two options based on the number of editable fields. The free bundle lets users browse the edit history for rolling back. This reduces the modifying time when spotting any mistakes.

If you wish to unlock all the product fields, install the Pro option. It costs you $40 for the regular license and $140 for the extended license.

#7 Product Bulk Editor for WooCommerce


You can edit several product variations such as title, type, sale dates, and so on in a similar-to-spreadsheet environment.

Over and above, it lets you add custom fields, enable product backorders, and change prices. For more effective use, you should edit the table regarding the column number and the custom field list.

This plugin is available for $79 annually.

#8 ELEX Bulk Edit Products


Apart from providing primary features, the ELEX Bulk Edit Products pro version enables scheduling automatic actions and rolling back the last edit. As a result, it accelerates the process and avoids mistakes.

This plugin handles editing of a maximum of 10.000 products simultaneously. You can search for specific products in haste to execute bulk actions with the multi-parameter filter.

You can purchase this plugin for $79 a year for a single site.

#9 Smart Manager for WooCommerce


This plugin brings a smart way to edit product variations through the excel-like spreadsheet interface. The free version impresses users with the option to preview the edit before saving.

The Pro version accepts multiple edits before saving. It also guarantees no data loss when switching between different tasks.

The Pro version costs you $149 annually for one site.

#10 Password Protect WordPress Pro


Password Protect WordPress Pro offers firm password protection for any types of WordPress content.

Furthermore, its WooCommerce Integration helps you secure your WooCommerce store and products with passwords. In simple terms, only allowed members with the correct passwords can access your private eCommerce store.

Of course, it also allows you to bulk password protect your WooCommerce products effortlessly. Instead of generating passwords for each product, you can protect all product categories, shop pages, or the entire shop.

In short, the plugin price starts at $178.80/year and its WooCommerce add-on costs you $69.9/year.

What is Your Favorite WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Plugin?

WooCommerce bulk product editing plugins assist site admins in eliminating the tough efforts of editing singularly. Because of the large covering of all product variations, you should speed up the process by bulk editing.

We hope the 10 plugins mentioned above can help you manage your WooCommerce site in a more convenient way. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our website to update the latest information on popular plugins in the market.

Still have questions about WooCommerce bulk product editing? Let us know by leaving some words in the comment section below.