How to Sell Gift Cards on Your WooCommerce Store

In this age of digitization, virtual gifts have taken a giant leap in our lives. Now, what can be better than gifting vouchers to your near and dear ones and surprising them on their auspicious days! Give them the freedom of choice and surprise them with your immense love.

Most online stores have now adopted the amazing technique of issuing gift cards to increase their customer base and grow faster. It is the most convenient way of presenting your loved ones with the items they want!

WooCommerce Store allows you to make and sell prepaid, multi-purpose gift cards for customers that can be redeemed in return for cool benefits. Excited to know how? Let’s explore together!

Types of Gift Cards

It is time to get into the world of online gifting and grab the chance to create, redeem and manage digital gift card coupons to earn maximum rewards. WooCommerce lets you create, manage, and sell gift cards at your eCommerce store. The cards are open for purchasing and can be sent to recipients by email. Here are four different pricing options available via WooCommerce:

Default Price: The price is fixed

  • Price Range: Select any amount within the range
  • Selected Price: Fixed price options with various differentiations
  • User Price: Customers can enter any price

Why Selling Gift Cards on WooCommerce?

Below are some great benefits of offering gift cards with WooCommerce at your fingertips:

  • Flexible Delivery

Send quick emails or download gift cards to deliver your near and dear ones. Get the flexibility of choosing convenient delivery options and enjoy a hassle-free delivery process.

  • Currency Selection

WooCommerce gives you the ability to make the payment in your local currency to simplify the transaction process.

Any preferred currency that is compatible with the WooCommerce online store plugin can be used by customers to redeem or buy gift cards at an affordable rate. This diminishes the problem faced by international customers when making purchases in a different currency.

  • WPML Multilingual Support

WooCommerce can function in your regional language. It comes with an additional Loco Translate plugin for translating your store into other languages.

  • Easy Online Redeeming

WooCommerce gift vouchers let you redeem gift cards from WooCommerce online stores by generating a free redeem link with your email and name.

  • Customizable Email Templates

You can create custom email templates with modifications in the prefix, coupon code length, number of usages, expiry date, or the minimum & maximum spending limit. Plus you can modify the graphics or change the disclaimer text.

  • Product and Category Exclusion

Exclude selected categories & products that you don’t wish the recipient to purchase. Thus, you have the complete right to purchase over the coupon you have generated.

How to Set up WooCommerce Store for Selling Gift Cards

Follow the below steps to allow customers to purchase a Gift Certificate on your online shop:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard, go to WooCommerce, and select Coupons.
  2. Select Create/Add a new coupon option.
  3. Generate a title for your coupon.
  4. Choose Gift Certificate as the Discount type option. Currently, don’t write anything in the coupon amount field.
  5. Enable the Coupon Value equal to the Product’s Price.
  6. Insert a Prefix/Suffix and other requisites.
  7. Click on the Save Button.

Here is a screenshot to guide you with the process:


Take the following step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth product setup:

  1. Add a new product page or edit an existing simple product.
  2. Enter the product a name and other important information.
  3. Keep the Regular Price & Sale Price section empty.
  4. Mark the product as Virtual if you do not wish to add shipping charges.
  5. Click on the Coupons Section.
  6. Search for the coupon created and select it.
  7. Select Save.

Tips to Sell Gift Cards in WooCommerce Stores

Please keep in mind these tips before you sell gift cards at WooCommerce:

  • Maintain Security

Ensure that the digital gift cards that you’re selling should maintain the user’s security to the maximum possible extent. This can be efficiently achieved by making provisions for QR codes or Barcodes that will help in the encryption of card codes and save users from gift cards scams.

  • Allow Convenient Delivery Options

Providing suitable delivery options will make your service stand out from your competitors and take your brand image to a next level.

  • Implement Compatible Payment

You should ensure to provide for country-based price compatibility to maintain maximum feasibility for customers across the globe and makes the transaction process seamless.

  • Enjoy Huge Perks

Celebrate your festive seasons and special occasions with huge discounts that draw the attention of a larger scale of customers and help you increase your revenues.

  • Create Guidelines to Sell Gift Cards 

Make sure you have a dedicated set of rules and regulations to make the purchase and selling of gift cards simpler and safe. All norms imposed on gift card purchases should align with the security in the transaction process and make the overall procedure simpler.

Selling Gift Cards on WooCommerce Made Simple

Gift cards help not only generate more sales but also boost brand recognition and improve customer retention. We’ve walked you through the complete guide on how to set up and sell gift cards on your WooCommerce store.

There are a few things to keep in mind when offering gift cards. You need to maintain the security of your store to prevent gift card scams. At the same time, you can display different payment methods for customers to make purchases. Pay attention to gift cards for festive seasons and special occasions to boost seasonal sales too.

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