How to Sell Affiliate Products with WooCommerce

One of the best things about digital marketing is that you can make money anytime and anywhere, even while sleeping. Believe it or not, that’s what affiliate marketing is doing for your sake.

Instead of old-school mass advertisements, now you can market your brand effortlessly with just a mouse click.

Affiliate marketing is a scheme involving earning a commission on a product or service. Being generated by links is unique to this sales model. A retailer or advertiser can simply search for a product they find interesting, then put a link to this product in their articles or websites. Regarding this case, the author or the web owner is a third-party publisher called an affiliate. If the visitors click on these affiliate links, they will be redirected to an e-commerce site.

Typically, the compensation is measured per sale, click, or impression. Once the visitors access a store via affiliate links, the merchant will get a credit for this. The commission fee might be much more significant if the visitors purchase the products. A 5% to 10% of sales price would be rewarded for the credit accounts.

Currently, affiliate marketing has become a billion-dollar mine, opening a new era of smart advertising. If you’re running a WooCommerce store, you should consider implementing this sales model in your business.

In this article, we’d like to tell you why you should add affiliate products to your online store and how to sell affiliate products with WooCommerce.

Why Add An Affiliate Program to Your WooCommerce Store

Since its emergence, affiliate marketing has widely spread from small to large enterprises. Are you wondering why even some giants open affiliate programs for their businesses? That’s kind of easy to understand. If you’re thirsty for some reason, keep scrolling down.

Improve SEO values

Affiliate marketing opens you up to partner with the best brands in your niche. Not an influencer yourself? No worries. Your partners can take care of this.

As mentioned earlier, many big businesses welcome an affiliate program so that you’re able to collaborate with them for backlinks. Without a doubt, the larger a site is, the higher traffic it gains. If your product pages can be linked from reputable sites, they can rank higher on search engines accordingly. Afterward, you’re likely to drive high traffic to yours.

Promote Your Products on Various Platforms

As visitors can reach your e-commerce site with just a click, you can exchange your product links on different platforms. Only for social media, dozens of platforms are available for you to do that, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which earn millions of users worldwide. So why don’t you take advantage of affiliate marketing to strengthen your brand presence?

Obtain A Passive Income for Affiliate Products

You have to pay commissions to insert an affiliate link on a site. But that’s not all. You can also get payment for running an affiliate program on your own. It’s easier to make it into action if you’re launching a WooCommerce store.

How to Sell Affiliate Product with WooCommerce

It’s quite straightforward to start an affiliate program in your WooCommerce store. Simply follow our instructions below. The very first step is to add an external product to your store.

  1. Under your WordPress dashboard admin, navigate to Products and select Add New. In this section, you need to provide details of the product, including product name, category, description, and image.
  2. Scroll down to the Product Data section, and set the product type to “External/Affiliate product” from a dropdown list. We also have other product types, for example, simple, grouped, and variable. Next, you’ll see the Product URL and Button text boxes appearing, respectively.
  3. Add a product affiliate’s link into the Product URL field. Then, set a button text you want to display on your product page in the Button text option, “buy this product”, for example.
  4. Don’t forget to click Publish to live the product.

Now your customers can be redirected to your merchant’s e-commerce site after clicking on the “Buy this product” button if they find the product interesting.

Bonus – The Best WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program

Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold comes as one of the most simple yet powerful plugins to protect your WordPress media files. It’s of indispensable necessity for digital product sellers, photographers, and online course providers.

PDA team gives you a chance to make money from this awesome plugin by joining their affiliate program. Not only do you help others have a good file protection solution but you can also earn passive income from it.

The plugin marks its name as a widely popular WordPress file protection plugin. It’s featured on many authority websites such as WPEplorer, Noupe, and LearnWoo.

It’s really easy to join the program. All you need to do include register as an affiliate, get the link, and promote the link. You’re able to get up to 30% commission from a single sale, equal to ~$243.

Make Money from WordPress Affiliate Programs

It’s evident that affiliate marketing has got your back on saving much time and expenses. You’re able to cooperate with prominent brands or influencers in your industry for SEO benefits. You can easily implement this sales model with just a link, bringing opportunities to promote your brands on different social media platforms effortlessly.

Another remarkable benefit is that an affiliate program is cost-effective. You only pay commissions when there’s a conversion. If you’re running your own one, you definitely gain a great amount of money.

Obviously, affiliate programs are more economical and less risky for your business than an entire marketing campaign. Thus, in case you’ve already sold on WooCommerce, you should add affiliate products for your business’s sake. Believe us, this potential model will never disappoint you.