How to Fix Divi Contact Form not Sending Emails

Designed and developed by Elegant Themes, Divi proves itself to be a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop page builder to create your WordPress site. It comes with numerous built-in useful features to customize a website.

Out of the box, Divi provides a default module allowing you to place contact forms anywhere on your WordPress site. You can add a tailor-made form with many form fields such as text, checkbox, dropdowns, and radio buttons. Users also prefer Divi thanks to its capability of spam protection and redirection on submission.

However, there may be times that your Divi contact form doesn’t send emails for a couple of reasons. In this article, we’ll guide you through the solution to fix this issue.

Before getting started, let’s check out how to generate a Divi contact form on your site.

How to Create a Divi Contact Form

Contact forms, without a doubt, turn out to be one of the most critical elements for any business website. Not only do they simply help customers connect with your site for support but these forms also assist you to vet new prospects and keep clients staying on your site.

You don’t need any plugin to display a contact form on your WordPress site. To achieve this, first, you must have the Divi Builder installed and ready on your site.

Then, add a new page or open an existing page. Click on the Use Divi Builder button in the post editor and hit Use Visual Builder.

The next step is pressing the plus (+) button and picking the Contact Form module to insert into your page.


It’s time to style your contact form. An attractive form always draws users’ attention and increases conversions better than standard ones. You can change the text’s font on the form, its color, the button color, and even the spacing in the Design tab.


The Content tab is responsible for the form’s appearance. It gives you full control over form elements, including text, images, and icons. You can add new fields to the form or remove the default ones.


There are a few other things you should look at when creating the contact form.

  • Title – Give your form a title, such as a Write for Us form, Newsletters form, Support form, etc.
  • Success message – What users receive once successfully submitting the form, for example, “Thanks for contacting us.”
  • Captcha – Enable this option to prevent bots from automatically submitting forms.

The Advanced tab allows you to apply custom CSS and HTML attributes.


Divi Contact Form Not Sending Emails

We all understand the significance of contact forms on every website. Still, your Divi contact forms don’t always work properly. One of the common issues you may experience is users’ data is not delivered to your inbox.

Before jumping into solving this problem, you can go over the possible roots of the issue.

Why Divi Contact Form Doesn’t Work

Below are a few causes that stop Divi contact forms from sending emails, related to both server limitations and the PHP mail() function.

  • wp_mail() function – WordPress uses PHP to send emails from your website, but the PHP mail() function can’t send bulk emails. Plus, those emails aren’t authenticated so they may be flagged as spam.
  • Server-side issues – Some hosting servers aren’t set up to configure the PHP mail() function correctly. They may suddenly decide not to send emails due to security reasons.
  • Wrong destination email – Users sometimes enter the wrong email addresses. Consequently, your system fails to send them emails. To avoid this, you should make sure that the destination email is valid.
  • Plugin conflicts – If you’re using a third-party WordPress form plugin, chances are it conflicts with the default contact form feature.

How to Overcome Divi Contact Form Not Sending Emails Issue

To troubleshoot this problem, you need help from the SMTP plugin. Follow 4 step guide below to start using this plugin.

Step 1: Check Divi Contact Form Settings

Before discovering the fixing process, ensure your Divi contact form is set up properly.

  1. Open the page containing the contact form
  2. Hit the gear icon to view the contact form settings page
  3. Head to the Email option in the Content tab, and fill in the admin email address
  4. Scroll down to the Spam Protection section and enable Use a Spam Protection Service, Google reCAPTCHA, for example

Step 2: Install the SMTP Plugin

Yielded over 2 million users from pole to pole, WP Mail SMTP appears as the most popular SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) plugin for WordPress sites. It lends you a helping hand in connecting your site to ​​an external email service to enhance email deliverability.

On top of that, WP Mail SMTP permits you to track emails sent by your WordPress site along with the open/click rates. It’s in charge of saving email attachments and exporting your logs as well.

The plugin provides you with a free version so you can download it from the WordPress repository.

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and open PluginsAdd New
  2. Type “WP Mail SMTP” in the keyword box
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Find the plugin’s Settings in the WP Mail SMTP section on your admin menu
  5. Check the From Email address. WordPress uses your admin email as the default From Email address, but you can easily change this.
  6. Enter the From Name

Step 3: Choose a Mailer Service

When you use a mailer service to send out emails from your site, Divi won’t have to send emails itself, which stops Divi from sending emails.

  1. Select a mailer from the list
  2. Fill in the API key
  3. Save your settings

Step 4: Test the Email

It’s necessary to double-check if the email functions correctly after all these setups.

  1. Go to the Email Test tab
  2. Provide an example email address in the Send to box
  3. Press Send Email

WP Mail SMTP now starts running a domain checker and you may receive 2 different messages showing the status of your test email. If the message appears with a green label, your Divi form functions accurately.

In case you see a message with a red label, there is certainly an issue in email settings.

Divi Contact Form Send Email Problem Solved!

Divi also makes it easy for you to create and customize your contact forms via its Contact Form module.

Sometimes, your website doesn’t send emails due to server issues or ​​PHP functions. To clear it up, you can make use of WP Mail SMTP. We’ve walked you through applying WP Mail SMTP to resolve the Divi Contact Form issue.

Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns about your Divi contact form.

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