Top 9 Plugins to Create WordPress Frontend User Profile Page

If you run a WordPress site that has many users, you probably know that WordPress’ default user profile system isn’t really meant for the public. In other words, WordPress doesn’t provide a frontend user profile page.

It’s definitely not recommended to let each person access your site admin dashboard just to change their profile either.

So is there a way to create a place for users to view, edit, manage their accounts and profiles right from the front end?

Absolutely! Every concern has its own solution. And the solution we’re bringing to you in this article is the frontend profile page. Today we’ll introduce the top 9 WordPress frontend plugins that you can utilize to create user profile pages just with some clicks.

What’s a WordPress User Profile Page?

WordPress gives you the ability to add new users to your website from the backend only. On the other hand, user profile pages allow users to register and manage their accounts from the frontend. They can sign up, log in, and edit their profiles directly from the front end without having to access the dashboard.

Below is a sample custom profile page in the frontend.

Sample user profile page

What Are the Best Plugins to Create Frontend Profile Pages in WordPress?

While you can completely use codes and custom fields to create custom user profile pages, it seems complicated for non-tech-savvy users. Instead, you can use plugins to ease your work.

In this article, we will put together the top 9 frontend plugins for WordPress, both free and premium, with their main features as well as their pros and cons so that you can make the right decision. Some of them even help you stop WordPress user registration spam.

Let’s dig into the details now!

#1 User Registration & User Profile – Profile Builder

Profile Builder

Profile Builder comes as a powerful user registration and user profile plugin for WordPress. Not only does it enable you to add a front-end registration menu but this plugin also gives you a shortcode to grant users front-end access to their user profiles.

Below are available shortcodes in the Free version:

  • Register users via a front-end register form – [wppb-register]
  • Add a front-end login form – [wppb-login]
  • Grant users front-end access to their user profile (requires the user to be logged in) – [wppb-edit-profile]
  • Add logout functionality – [wppb-logout]

In addition to the shortcode, the plugin also provides a widget namely “Profile Builder Login Widget” which you can add to your widget areas.

Profile Builder settings

Installation: 60,000+

Review: 522/596 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • You can create basic user custom profile pages with the Profile Builder plugin Free version.


  • Profile Builder plugin has a complex user interface, which might confuse newbies.
  • There are so many notification boxes and ads.

#2 WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend

As the same indicates, the WP User Frontend plugin focuses on offering facilities from the WordPress frontend, including creating a custom user profile page.

Using the WP User Frontend plugin, you can allow your registered user to update their profile from the frontend. To achieve that, simply copy the Edit Profile shortcode in your created registration form and embed it in a page.

WP User Frontend plugin's shortcodes

Installation: 30,000+

Review: 286/396 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • This plugin provides an user-friendly interface.
  • Apart from creating a user profile page, there are many features that you can utilize such as guest post submission, form expiration, WordPress membership.


  • File uploading function isn’t available in the Free version.

#3 Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is another popular plugin that assists you in creating frontend user profile pages in WordPress. The plug-in has a simple, user-friendly interface and yet contains a lot of features and functionalities.

Login, registration, and profile are the three sample pages that are provided by the plug-in by default. To create a user profile page, all you have to do is copy and paste the corresponding shortcode in your desired pages.

Installation: 200,000+

Review: 1045/1305 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • It’s the only free WordPress plugin that provides you with great features.
  • This plugin gives you a lot of beautiful pre-designed profiles.


  • The plugin creates unnecessary pages while the activation is done which creates extra work for the webmaster.

#4 ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities

ProfileGrid User Profiles

ProfileGrid is a free core plugin that you can extend with a variety of free and paid add-ons. Its core focus is to create stylish frontend user profiles.

When you first install and activate the ProfileGrid plugin, it will automatically create pages as listed below:

  • My Profile
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • All Groups
  • Default User Group
  • Submit New Blog Post

Below is the default My Profile page:

ProfileGrid's sample user profile page

This page shows all the functionality that you’d expect from a user profile page. For example, you can click on the profile image or cover image to upload your own photo.

If you want to add even more functionality, simply go to the Shortcodes area in the backend to get access to a full list of shortcodes.

ProfileGrid's user profile shortcodes

Installation: 8,000+

Review: 122/143 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • The user profiles look great out of the box without requiring much customization.


  • There seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the ProfileGrid’s Global Settings tab.

#5 WP User Manager – User Profile Builder & Membership

WP User Manager

WP User Manager is the most customizable free membership plugin for WordPress featuring login, registration, and even profile customization. It lets your members create and manage their profiles directly from your website, which will contribute to your community’s engagement.

Installation: 10,000+

Review: 241/282 5-star reviews

Pricing: starts at $149/year


  • This plugin is very flexible and gives you full control over your WordPress user profile pages.


  • You might need to get a paid version to create user profile pages.

#6 PeepSo – Registration, User Profiles, Community, Membership


The PeepSo plugin appears as a super-light and free plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly add an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site.

Accordingly, your user can manage their accounts from the frontend without hassles.

Below are some of the features that PeepSo offers:

  • Frontend user profiles with avatars and cover images
  • Frontend user registration
  • Frontend user login
  • Frontend user listing with search and filtering
  • User profiles

Peepso's sample user profile page

Installation: 5,000+

Review: 132/162 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • You can display your own ads, which is a financial benefit.
  • You can set the privacy levels for user data.
  • The plugin is easy to use.


  • The full package of PeepSo is not completely free.

#7 Theme My Login

Theme My Login

Trusted by thousands of WordPress users, Theme My Login helps keep your login experience within your theme. This plugin also provides the Profiles extension that assists your users in editing their profile from the front end of your site.

The Profiles extension lets you enable themed profiles for any user roles. You may also disable specific user roles from accessing your admin dashboard.

Installation: 100,000+

Review: 263/438 5-star reviews

Price: totally free for the main plugin and $15/year for the Profiles extension.


  • This plugin provides you with the reCAPTCHA option to keep bots away.
  • You can use shortcodes to place forms anywhere on your WordPress site.


  • Theme My Login’s free version doesn’t offer many customization options.

#8 UsersWP – User Registration & User Profile

UsersWP - User Registration and User Profile

Despite being an up-and-coming rookie, UsersWP plugin proves itself to be a formidable competitor to other user profile plugins in the market. This is a very lightweight and easy to use plugin.

Upon activation, all necessary pages, including the profile page, are created with the correct shortcodes so that you are good to go in seconds.

It also integrates well with Elementor, DIVI, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and many other page builders. You can customize the design of both the Users Directory and the User Profile templates using your favorite page builder.

UsersWP's sample user profile page

Installation: 10,000+

Review: 79/94 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • The plugin is totally lightweight and easy to use.


  • They don’t provide support for the Free version.

#9 User Registration – Custom Registration Form, Login And User Profile For WordPress

User Registration

User Registration stands out as a modern free drag and drop WordPress plugin which enables you to create stunning frontend user profile pages in no time.

As you create and save a new registration form, you’ll see a shortcode which can be embedded in any pages or posts. Now, the website visitors can register, build their own account/profile on the site, and log in to the site anytime later using the form.

User Registration's sample user profile page

Installation: 60,000+

Review: 323/361 5-star reviews

Pricing: free


  • This plugin has a simple and beginner-friendly user interface.


  • The plugin is so simple that it might not entertain advanced users.

Ready to Create a Frontend User Profile Page for Your WordPress Site?

Installing a plugin offers the easiest way to create a custom user profile page. We’ve shown you the top 9 popular plugins with their main features as well as pros and cons for you to choose the most suitable one from.

Which ones would you prefer?

Let us know in the comment section below.