5 WordPress Member Directory Plugins to Raise Member Value

WordPress member directory assists businesses in describing the member structure, managing different groups, and building solid communication among individuals. By showing basic information regarding organization members, you can allow better connections and enhance brand presence on digital platforms.

Creating a WordPress member directory supports building an engaging community for delivering more value to members. When attempting to set up a member directory, you need the help of plugins to ease the process.

The coming sections will provide a comprehensive guide to maximizing the impact of WordPress member directory in management. Besides, we will introduce the top 5 recommended plugins with detailed features and pricing plans.

Reasons for Creating WordPress Member Directory


WordPress member directory demonstrates basic information about the members, such as name, location, and current working status. When using a directory as a physical document limits the number of member accesses, the online form boosts your managing operation for the following reasons:

  • You are not required to have the technical knowledge to create the member directory. Through basic tasks regarding customizing texts, photos, and links, you can easily edit and manage the member information. Plus, you can set which members to display or to hide according to their approvals.
  • It’s a channel to promote members’ qualifications. Showing experiences and achievements can earn more credibility for outstanding members.
  • It supports membership pricing strategies when bringing more value to members.
  • You have chances to enhance the activities of networking and mentoring to build an interactive community.

The Complete Steps to Create Member Directory

Creating a member directory takes three phases to finalize the setting process. Specifically, you need to define the core information of a member profile, customize the directory filters, and display the final result on a chosen page.

There are some plugins to handle the job. Each plugin provides distinguished ways to customize the member directory due to the differences in the interface design. Still, they include similar basic information and filters to modify the member profiles.

When setting member profiles, you are flexible in adding and removing items in the profile information. You can let users customize fields such as name, profile image, and bio.

Some plugins offer filters to display relevant results to optimize the directory-searching experience. For example, you can set up criteria for sorting appropriate profiles to display with AccessAlly.


After setting the customizations for users to join the member directory, the next step is launching the member page. Giving visitors a general view of all member profiles benefits in many ways. You can promote your members’ backgrounds and experiences as well as attract more traffic to the website.

Benefits of Creating WordPress Member Directory

Creating a WordPress member directory brings various benefits regarding increasing revenue, member value, and better connection. Besides, it offers a helpful tool for admins to communicate with members and update their status.

Increasing Presence on Digital Platforms

This benefits SEO strategies. Indeed, when searching a particular member name on Google, visitors can find the directory as one of the results. Due to less keyword competitiveness, you can raise your business’s presence with a lot of traffic accessing the directory.

Generating More Revenue

Businesses have multiple strategies to grow income through the member directory. Specifically, you can promote relevant products and services matching the member’s interests. Also, the member directory demonstrates an effective channel to call for membership renewal and fundraising.

Delivering More Value for Members

The online directory supports improving the member value with connecting efforts. Indeed, businesses can deliver the latest organizational updates, important news, surveys, discounts, and upcoming programs to registered members.

Maintaining communication with loyal members through the directory will help businesses gain more trust and engagement for sustainable development.

Developing Member Career through Interactive Community

Member directories can build better communication among individuals when searching for chances of mentoring and assistance in the network. Thanks to scheduled social activities, webinars, and conferences, members can gain more knowledge and experience to develop their careers.


Common Information to be Included in the Member Directory

Standard Information

Commonly, a standard directory should include basic information: email address, phone number, and name. To describe the author’s profile more clearly, their social media handle, join date, photo, and location can be attached.

Extra Information for Association Directories

Apart from the above standard information, consider adding more details about the association. Specifically, membership level, employment information, and affiliated organization should be mentioned.

Extra Information for Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce directory points out members’ information for easy searching. As a result, individuals are able to find accurate members and workplaces.

Required information should be presented in the Chamber of Commerce directory:

  • Sector or industry
  • Discount codes or coupons
  • Business address

Information for Tiered Member Directory

A tiered member directory encourages members to differentiate and personalize the profile with more customizations, such as:

  • Location’s links
  • Logo
  • Customized colors
  • Resume

Top 5 Plugins for WordPress Member Directory

#1 Paid Membership Pro


The Paid Membership Pro plugin contributes to developing the directory website with tons of customizable features. It allows admins to create an easy-to-use directory containing thousands of member profiles.

Through 2 shortcodes created, you can manage multiple members with a professional directory and profile pages. What’s more, the tool supports similar-interest groups in building private social communities. The plugin also assists businesses in offering special discounts and product subscriptions.

About the pricing plan, it introduces three bundles: Standard ($247/year), Plus ($397/year), and Builder ($697/year).

#2 Member Directory Plugin by CreativeMinds


The Member Directory plugin enables you to display a well-designed directory on the WordPress website. You can flexibly choose templates and edit layouts, themes, and other elements to customize the profiles.

This plugin provides several filters for users to search for members. You can implement the search through free text search, category filtering, expertise, and service areas.

This plugin is available with three pricing bundles: Pro Edition ($39), Pro Community ($59), and Ultimate ($119).

#3 PluginsWare


The PluginsWare plugin is another powerful and flexible tool to create directory websites. In detail, it brings several settings, customizable layouts, filtering options, email templates, and other advanced features.

This plugin offers unlimited custom fields and filtering options for customizing the member form. Besides, the monetization ability is improved with various features regarding WooCommerce integration, subscription plans, and payment gateways.

To apply this plugin for a single site, you need to spend $9.99/month, $95.88/year, or $288.99 for lifetime use.

#4 MembershipWorks


The MembershipWorks plugin offers membership groups and professional networking with a bunch of advanced features. You can easily generate the website’s member directory, event calendar, and membership form using shortcodes.

Businesses will have all rights to support the membership programs by integrating payment gates, email automation, and accounting software.

The budget to utilize this plugin starts from $35/month for up to 300 members/account.

#5 Ultimate Member


The Ultimate Member appears as a highly-extendible and lightweight plugin for creating member directories. With multiple features allowing users to register the membership programs, you can create membership sites and valuable communities.

This plugin is compatible with diverse themes and extensions to extend the plugin’s performance.

It costs you $249 per year to own the extension pass with full features and support.

Create Your Own WordPress Member Directory Now!

The WordPress member directory is essential for businesses’ websites to implement the membership plan effectively. By inviting users to register and update their profile information, businesses can reach large data to build a solid connection and grant more value for members.

You can choose an appropriate plugin for creating a member directory depending on your budget and purposes.

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