6 Rising WordPress Trends 2022 to Follow

WordPress rules 42% of all websites on the Internet and this rate doesn’t show a stop. People trust this content management system due to its ease of use, beginner-friendly features, and library of plugins and themes.

Creating a WordPress website is simple. But making your site eye-catching and modern is not an easy task, for sure. You need to adopt the latest WordPress trends 2022 to stay competitive as well as keeping ahead of the competition.

In our post today, we’ll predict 8 essential WordPress development and design trends in the upcoming year to reference. We don’t impose a limitation on website type of niche since they fit most sites pretty well.

Let’s jump in!

#1 Drag-and-drop Page Builder

Not all WordPress site owners are tech-savvy and coding is something they always try to avoid. Building a WordPress page technically requires you layout the page with HTML code and CSS. If you’re just a beginner, you also need to design the page with photoshop to layout your page.

Drag-and-drop page builders have sparked a revolution in WordPress site design and will keep trending in the feature. You can build a robust website with the help of hundreds of widgets, from text, images, videos to quotes, icons, HTML, and tons more.


On top of that, it provides you with full control over your site appearance. You’re able to view how your site looks and feels in real-time once making any changes.

You have numerous WordPress page builders, both free and premium to set up a gorgeous website, such as Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, and Beaver Builder, just to name a few.

Understanding the demands of users, WordPress introduced the Gutenberg drag-and-drop page builder in WordPress 5. If you want to hunt for a simple drag-and-drop page builder, this would be your perfect choice.

#2 WordPress for eCommerce


“WordPress is created for small businesses only.” This statement already become a myth when you know that WordPress is powering 14.7% of the world’s top websites at the moment. Some big-name brands using WordPress includes The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, and thousands of other websites.

More and more enterprises choose WordPress for their e-commerce store. You can build an online store for free with the assistance of WooCommerce. The plugin enables you to build a complete e-commerce shop with all basic functionalities.

Porter & York, Roberto Coin, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., Root Science are just some examples of huge e-commerce sites depending on WordPress and WooCommerce to their e-commerce store.

#3 Voice Search for WordPress


You probably get familiar with voice search on your smartphone thanks to Siri, Google Now, Alexa, or Cortana assistant. Luckily, this functionality can also be brought to your WordPress site, which will definitely become trendy in 2022.

Adding voice search to your site is made straightforward using plugins. You have a few free options for WordPress such as Universal Voice Search or Voice Search. These plugins enable you to add voice search to your site effortlessly, without requiring any configuration steps.

Voice searchers tend to want immediate results. They often use conversational words to find information.

Your responsibility is to create content that suites for voice search optimization. You need to make sure the intent is clear enough. You must simplify content making it easy for users to read.

#4 Implementing Chatbots


Chatbot refers to a software application that websites use to conduct a conversation via text or text-to-speech between a bot and human beings.

They give businesses, and the customer support teams, in particular, great assistance in handling common customer queries. Though it’s not new, it will still become a tendency for WordPress site owners to interact with users.

On one way, they reduce the employee routine and boost their productivity. Besides, visitors don’t have to send an email then wait hours or days to get replies from the company for just a simple question about a product. This helps significantly improve the user experience.

Similar to voice search, you must install a plugin adding a chatbot to your WordPress site. You can choose one among Tidio, ChatBot, Chatbot for Websites, and many others. Each comes with a set of features and benefits that will fit the demands of individuals.

#5 WordPress Content Protection

Securing content plays a key role in almost all websites, including both media and written content. You definitely don’t want others to steal your content, violate the content copyright, and reuse them on their site. People selling digital products and intellectual content should take this issue into particular account.

Before, you have simple methods like displaying the copyright notice, disabling copy-paste, or watermarking your files. Still, they can’t completely protect your hard-to-produce products from unauthorized users.

Thefts tend to use smarter and smarter tools to break the gate and take your content. You need something more comprehensive to better secure your content products in the future.

Fortunately, you have plugins like PPWP Pro and PDA Gold at hand now. The former lets you lock WordPress pages, posts, categories, or even the entire site with passwords.


The latter, on the other hand, support securing files effectively. No matter what your file types are as well as how many files you plan to make private, the plugin can resolve the task with ease.

These two plugins provide you with a simple way to sell private content as well. You just need to choose which product you want to make private and sell, the plugin will handle the rest.

#6 Enhancing UX Design

Last but not least, an interesting website design, including conversion-focused form design, will keep visitors staying on your site for longer. You need something eye-catching, more User Focus, and creating chances for users to interact with your site, especially in the age of Gen-Z.

Another way to attract user attention spell out videos. This visual content not only provides a simple method to educate users but also reduces the bounce rate.


Take the PPWP Pro website as an example. We’ve just updated our homepage making it easier for users to navigate. Once landing on the page, visitors will see a password form to test how our plugin works.

Make a Revolution to Future Websites with WordPress Trends 2022

WordPress is well-known for helping you build and customize a robust website. However, to stay competitive, you need to keep close tabs on new trends and modernize your site.

We’ve recommended some particular WordPress trends 2022 for you to apply. While you may get familiar with some of them, some others may sound new to most site owners. Voice search or UX designs are something you need to pay extra attention to.

If you still have any questions about WordPress trends 2022, drop us a line in the comment so we can discuss it together.